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December 2019
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Book Review: ‘Eternal Battle Against Evil’ by Paul R. Chabot

In his book “Eternal Battle Against Evil,” Paul R. Chabot calls for readers to join him in a never-ending jihad. I use that word because there’s no word in English that as effectively connotes the religious struggle (or holy war) described. And while within the Muslim world there are nuances of meaning to that term, […]

One of these things is not like the others

Anthony Johnson at National Cannabis Coalition catches this one:

When asked by HuffPost Washington Bureau Chief Ryan Grim why we keep marijuana illegal, Chabot responded: “Why do we keep heroin, LSD, prostitution, child pornography illegal?”

If Paul Chabot doesn’t know the difference between laws against marijuana and laws against exploiting children to make child porn, […]

Young Turks debate

Former DEA analyst Sean Dunagan agrees with the majority of Americans who say it is time to legalize marijuana. He debates former police officer Paul Chabot, who thinks even alcohol prohibition actually worked. Sean is a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Odds and Ends

No investigation when suspected drugs found at home of official

I agree with Radley Balko on this one…

On the one hand, my default position would be that no one should lose her job, her reputation, or her freedom over marijuana. I’d also imagine most people would be sympathetic to someone who recently lost […]

Red Meat (Updated)

Update: Here’s another one — needs some commenting: Don’t legalize marijuana in the name of medicine by John Redman, executive director of Californians for a Drug-Free Youth.

Unfortunately, legalization groups have convinced CMA and other medical societies that the process doesn’t work. They claim that research is stifled because marijuana is illegal. But the evidence […]

Fun with comments and Google

I received an interesting comment today back at the post for Book Review: ‘Eternal Battle Against Evil’ by Paul R. Chabot. It appears not to be from a regular reader of this site — likely got here because of Google… If you google Paul R Chabot, my book review is the very first item. If […]


Terror and Drugs! Good and Evil! Eternal War!

Yes, it’s Paul Chabot. Back in April, I mentioned the upcoming release of this former drug czar advisor’s book “Eternal Battle Against Evil”

Now it’s out. And just in case you’re not frightened enough to buy this book and join the fight against evil, check out this […]

Drug WarRant Book Club

Wow. I can hardly wait for the release date on this one by Paul Chabot.

He explains the importance of having a book like this…

In America, or abroad, we are seeing a rise in domestic groups destroying the moral fabric of communities through drug legalization, gangs, corruption and organized crime.

It takes a […]

Stossel on Drugs

John Stossel had a very good show tonight on Fox Business Channel. Drug War Disaster

He had a “debate” with Sean Hannity (he couldn’t get anyone from DEA or ONDCP to appear. Talked with guests Jeffrey Miron (libertarian economist) and Mary Anastasia O’Grady of the Wall Street Journal about the economics of prohibition and the […]

Friday funnies

Brought to you by Cliff Kincaide, with guest stars Calvina L. Fay, and Dr. Paul R. Chabot, complete with anti-Soros messages and calls for tougher laws against cannabis.

Narco-Nation Comes to Colorado

Notice the lack of quotes from Kevin Sabet. These people are so rabid, they think Kevin is pro-marijuana.

The article is in the […]