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August 2019
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Drug War Gulags and Slaves

Drug war exceptions can be the rule in US law. Chief among domestic drug war violators are drug rehabilitation facilities that recruit and provide drug addicts to businesses where they work for no pay. The jobs can include plucking chickens on poultry farms, working 80-hour weeks in senior care centers, or laboring for wealthy corporations like Exxon, Shell, and Walmart, minus any labor or health protections, benefits or cash. The Center for Investigative Reporting has examined the legality of the practice:

…the regulatory agencies and laws don’t really matter. The judges don’t really care. They don’t look into this. They think they’re doing, what, God’s work, or—you know, because sometimes there’s a big Christian aura over the whole thing, and required church attendance, required Bible study. And now go out and pluck chickens on an assembly line. […]

…a common theme among all of these programs is that they tend to be unregulated. They’re not licensed, they don’t have medical staff or other aspects to their program that would typically have to fall under regulation in these states. On top of that, many of them are Christian-based or faith-based, and many Christian-based programs in the United States are eligible for licensing exemptions from state to state. […]

“We forget the founders faced a situation in society where we had a lot of people who were held in the stockade or something, because ‘Oh, you violated the terms of your employment,’ or what have you…” […]

The 13th Amendment basically outlawed slavery in the United States. And it states that involuntary servitude is not OK, except essentially as a punishment upon conviction of a crime. And so when you have participants who are getting sent by courts to these programs, ostensibly for rehab and treatment for their addictions, what lawyers have told us is there’s an argument that that violates the 13th Amendment. Because not only sometimes are there no convictions in these cases yet, but a lot of the time, even if there are convictions, the courts are saying: this is not for punishment. This is to rehabilitate you. This is to provide treatment so that you can recover from your addictions and become a productive member of society. […]

California requires licensing and regulation for non-medically assisted drug rehabs. Under the DHCS system, slaves and indentured servants are not allowed to compete in the job market no matter how disgusting the job. With the advent of marijuana legalization serving to spotlight these activities, non-medical rehabs in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Texas are being investigated or sued for illegal labor practices.

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17 comments to Drug War Gulags and Slaves

  • WalStMonky


    Once again the sycophants of prohibition have pushed the envelope and expanded the outer limits of stupidity. How the heck are these people even alive? Is there no such thing as being to stupid to live after all?

    Dogs Are Getting High Off Human Poop Laced With Marijuana
    By Matt Keeley 7/12/19

    With cannabis legalization spreading across the U.S., veterinarians have reported seeing more dogs with marijuana toxicity. While many cases are due to pets getting into their owner’s stash, some dogs are getting high from a strange source: Human feces.

    Dogs who have been on hiking trails or forests in Colorado are being brought in to see vets with a variety of symptoms. Experts believe the dogs are ingesting poop left by campers and hikers who have ingested enough marijuana to give the dogs a contact high.
    The condition is generally treated by letting the dog ride out the high. In some particularly bad cases, the dogs are sedated and given fluids.

    Marijuana toxicity in dogs is on the rise, according to the Pet Poison Helpline, which reports a 448 percent increase over the last six years. And the problem isn’t only in Colorado. In San Francisco, where’s a public pooping problem, dogs have also eaten THC-laced feces.

    “There’s nothing about that actual drug itself that will kill them. It doesn’t cause any organ failure. It doesn’t cause liver failure [or] renal failure,” Dr. Dorrie Black, a San Francisco vet, told NPR. However, it’s not completely safe; Black says a dog can be so sedated by marijuana that it can inhale its own vomit and choke to death.

  • Mr Robot

    Apologies for the off-topic comment, but I was pretty sure I’d get an educated response here.

    Just read an article about Bernie Sanders saying he would legalize marijuana federally by executive order. Setting aside opinions of him politically and assuming that isn’t just an empty campaign pledge, my question is this:

    The way the CSA is written, would that be allowed? Does the CSA dictate at least some of the drugs specifically that are to be scheduled, or is the law written specifically to leave those decisions up to the DEA?

  • Asbury Nark

    Medical experts agree that the psychotropic effects of marijuana can be very harmful, even deadly. Small children are being maimed and murdered from injecting marijuana; you should all be locked up forever.

    • HaHa!

      Oh, we deserve it…. forever and a day. Meanwhile I’m off to ingest some weed…. where’s that syringe?

      • WalStMonky


        I’ve got some RSO that came in a syringe. Man that stuff is wicked potent. I use it as a brain enema about once a month. Full spectrum and 2 parts CBD to 1 part THC. Be advised that it may well be the most foul tasting item I’ve ever encountered. Always wash your reefer before extracting. The nasties are water soluble. The magic is not.

    • WalStMonky


      People just don’t understand the risk…if a marijuana escapes the first thing it does is find the nearest elementary school and get the childrens addicted to heroin!

      But doesn’t it go without saying that anything bad that happens at any time anywhere in the general vicinity of cannabis was caused by the cannabis?

  • MotherJesusArmy

    This has just got to stop!
    Trippin’ balls is a sin unto the Lord.

  • strayan

    Keith Humphreys’ new hot take: people who campaigned for an end to cannabis prohibition are in fact responsible for it:

  • H(2)O!

    Well, just fancy that!
    “Fears of public health emergency as drug deaths hit record levels”
    Not one mention of a cannabis drug death, for some reason… (maybe because we be locked up forever!)

  • WalStMonky


    So the sycophants of prohibition have been constantly pounding the differentiation without distinction between today’s “super potent” cannabis and the inaccuracate potentcy from the “60s and 70s.” So what the fuck did they think would happen?

    Seniors were the only group to report slightly higher rates of cannabis use after legalization: Statistics Canada

    Although the numbers are small, it is the only age group to have seen their reported usage increase. Cannabis use among 15- to 64-year-olds was stable ranging from 10 per cent to 25 per cent, depending on the age group, the agency stated in a tranche of new data released Thursday.

    Kelly Gorman, director of public policy and government affairs at the Arthritis Society of Canada, said cannabis is a hot topic at many of the outreach events the charity does across the country.

    “There’s over 6 million Canadians that are living with arthritis, a large number of those are over 65,” said Ms. Gorman. “They’re looking for ways to relieve their pain.”

    The society first recognized the potential benefits of the drug when it found as many as two-thirds of the patients registered under Canada’s medical marijuana regime were listed as suffering from severe arthritis. Four years ago, the national charity gathered a roundtable of cannabis experts in Vancouver to help craft a guide to filling the most-pressing gaps in medical research of the drug.

    Ms. Gorman couldn’t predict whether this recent uptick would lead to a longer trend of cannabis becoming more popular with seniors, but she did say that it is crucial that Canada continues with its separate medical cannabis regime. She said seniors and other cannabis patients also face hurdles to access and affordability that the federal government could fix by removing the sales tax on prescriptions and allowing pharmacies to start selling medical marijuana at their locations.

    “Although the numbers are small, it is the only age group to have seen their reported usage increase.”

    3% to 5% is a 66.667% increase. We just gotta love their definitions of “small” and “large” which obviously depends on what they want the numbers to be. Think it wouldn’t be a ***HUGE*** increase and time to ***PANIC*** if it were a ***66.667%*** increase in the age 12 to 17 cohort?

  • WalStMonky

    ‘The system is swamped.’ Canada can’t keep up with requests to study cannabis

    The Canadian government is scrambling to respond to a glut of license applications for cannabis research prompted by the drug’s legalization in October 2018. The queue of applicants—there were 251 in line as of late July—and the attendant monthslong waiting times are frustrating scientists interested in the basic biology and therapeutic possibilities of cannabis. The delays are also prompting criticism of Health Canada, the agency charged with issuing the permits.

    “Everybody is growing, consuming, and buying it, but the labs are still: ‘How do we get these projects going?’” says Jonathan Page, chief science officer for Aurora Cannabis in Edmonton, one of Canada’s licensed producers of the psychoactive plant. “The [licensing] system is swamped, and research is not exactly, I think, a priority.”

    Even myself is shocked by how much money the Canadian licensed producers are spending on clinical research into medicinal cannabis.

  • Canada Might Have Found a Back Door to End the War on Drugs

  • Bonkin'ForJesus

    Every time you get high, God throws another puppy out of heaven.

  • Mouthy

    Our cell phones and other modern tech are drug gulags. Smartphones etc and oil based plastics come from Afghanistan and Iraq. Drug money finances terrorism and fuels the war, while the war keeps contracts alive and moving, thus enabling us to rob Iraq and Afghanistan blind and even more blind when we pay taxes on anything in this country since those taxes go back to the war and or corporations selling tech and plastics.

    The victims of Iraq and Afghanistan are drug war victims.

    The couch and myself are pure when it comes to what we buy because we want every drug legalized and have spent years attempting to. We want a world where drug money doesn’t finance the estimated 60% of America’s enemy and their war with us. And if that was the case, Afghanistan and Iraq would be stable enough to kick these corporations out or enable themselves to keep more of the minerals/profits from their country.

    So, when people who are not like us (anti-drug war) and don’t throw away their smartphones and boycott future ones, what does it say about their moral compass? That rape and murder are justified? Maybe mass-shooters and school shooters are as bad as Americans who own tech and plastics circa 2015. If I pay a man a couple of dollars to kill a human and he does it, I’m a murderer. If I pay Apple for my smartphone, I’m a murderer and a rapists . . . same thing when I decide to buy anything made from plastics or packaged in plastic. Mexican oil, Russian oil, Arab oil, American oil etc are too expensive and thus better for fuel . . . Iraq is broken and oil production is cheaper and would be better spent on plastics. Same thing for mining in Afghanistan.

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