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February 2014
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California Narcotics Officers to President: Stop Telling the Truth

The California Narcotics Officers Association sent this bizarre letter to President Obama, asking him to retract his statements comparing marijuana and alcohol.

They start out by establishing their bona fides – for most people that would be showing that they are experts in a particular field through their study or knowledge in some way… but […]

Drug War Victims

I hadn’t updated the Drug War Victims page recently (not for lack of victims). But the story of Eugene Mallory hit me hard enough that I felt he needed to be added.

Our own Allan Erickson has an excellent post over at Cannabis Now Magazine: Blue Collar Cannabis Economics. In it, he also […]

UNODC funding death

The UNODC has spent a lot of effort complaining about marijuana legalization in places like Uruguay, Colorado, and Washington, but focus should really be on the damage being caused by the UNODC.

UN urged to act on Vietnam over death penalty

HANOI, Vietnam — The United Nations should immediately freeze anti-drug assistance to Vietnam after […]

Unmuzzle the Drug Czar

Our article on how the Drug Czar is required by law to lie has gotten a lot of play over the past few years, and it points out how incredibly inappropriate it is for Congress to have such a provision, that is not only anti-science, but also codifies the government has being antagonistic to its […]

News from Italy

There was a time when you could pass ridiculously harsh laws and nobody would do anything about it as long as it was for “drugs.”

That seems to be changing.

Italy court strikes down drug law blamed for prison crowding

ROME (Reuters) – Italy’s constitutional court on Wednesday struck down a drug law that tripled […]

The DEA not only makes its own laws, it decides how it’ll comply with them

Some of the revelations about the NSA and related programs that spy on American people have revealed that the DEA has used some of that likely illegal intelligence in their operations. The problem with that is that you eventually have to put someone on trial and, according to the Constitution, they’re entitled to know the […]


Slopestylers are, without a doubt, the ultimate stoners of the Winter Olympics. And I’m not even saying that they use cannabis. They just have this awesome and relaxed joie de vivre.

Free heroin

I thought I’d share with you a post I made for my Facebook friends who generally aren’t as well-informed about drug policy as readers here. There had been so many posts regarding the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman that I felt it was important for them to hear a different perspective about heroin policy.


Drug Policy is Conservation Policy

There’s absolutely no doubt that illicit drug production threatens the environment in a number of ways. Prohibitionists, over the years, have tried to dishonestly coopt this basic truth as being an argument against drugs, as opposed to an argument against drug prohibition.

Things are changing and now those who care about conservation are realizing that […]

Drug Free America has fun with ‘facts’

This hilarious graphic was tweeted by Drug Free America. They haven’t provided any sources (even when asked), but hey – it has the word “FACT” on it so it must be true.