Drug Free America has fun with ‘facts’

This hilarious graphic was tweeted by Drug Free America. They haven’t provided any sources (even when asked), but hey – it has the word “FACT” on it so it must be true.


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  1. primus says:

    There they go again, pretending that anyone finds it the least bit difficult to obtain cannabis. It’s available by mail order in Canada, and I assume in US and elsewhere as well. Actually, calling them on this is so easy it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Gotta love the graphics of zombies they use. Real believable. Sure it is. Everyone has seen those kinds of effects on cannabis users.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      But it’s only true until I get that first cuppa joe into my bloodstream!

      Hey, it’s hard to make a coherent argument when all you have to work with is a pack of bald faced lies, half truths and hysterical rhetoric. Just imagine how much better our society would be if those people would only use their talent for good instead of evil!

    • War Vet says:

      Bats–zombies–and ax murders: Oh my. We must go see the Wizard and he’ll tell us how to destroy the cannabis threat . . . water puts out the fire.

  2. Howard says:

    So they’re using zombie cartoon characters to lure children to marijuana. Excellent FAIL.

    • Crut says:

      Not a single mention of how incredibly painful naloxone is when administered. It’s not like candy that just makes the evil addiction go away.

      Switzerland is doing the right thing.

      • John says:

        I’m not sure I understand your point Crut. Are you saying death is preferable to severe (but very temporary) pain? I know that’s what CJ thinks, but he’s never been dead before.

        I know that it would be better to legalize heroin so purity and dosage would be assured, but that is probably a very long way off. How do we save lives in the mean time?

        • Crut says:

          I guess my point was that the article was misleading (to me) about the education necessary to administer this drug, and when. Making it more available (over-the-counter) doesn’t really mean much without some practical education to go along with it.

  3. kaptinemo says:

    I said the loons would come out to play, and here they are.

    They still don’t understand that the audience they are targeting is probably too senescent to understand even something this crude…while the audience they want to control is flipping them the bird when they aren’t doubled over from laughing so hard.

    Outclassed. Hopelessly outclassed. It’s like trying to watch a ‘Special Olympian’ compete with a regular one. Sad to the point of making one wince in pain…until you realize the horrors they have unleashed against their fellow citizens.

  4. divadab says:

    Only a retard would be convinced by this ridiculous cartoon, designed by hysterical liars. Thanks, Pete, for risking brain damage seeking out this dreck.

    On a serious note, someone is paid to produce this stuff – who the heck is paying for it? It would be interesting to know if it’s OUR government money or if it’s from some private source.

    • allan says:

      well, I’m pretty sure DFA and it’s sub orgs draws some healthy grants from the gummint. Mel Sembler is a funder. It’s actually a very small club. (go watch the Linda Taylor in Modesto vid, she’s all alone yet continues shouting “we”)

      I suspect their numbers are growing smaller. I know they are becoming increasingly irrelevant. That they wear that big L on their foreheads says something too…

  5. Howard says:

    I also like how they could only afford three zombie cartoon graphics: a zombie nurse, a zombie executive, and a zombie smurf-human-bulldog composite (or something like that). Then they just repeated them. Damn, that’s funny.

    • claygooding says:

      Jeez Howard,,the iQ of an ice cube creating Rembrandt’s,,bwha-ha-ha,,,besides,,they only had sabet,patrick and linda taylor left to pose and they wore out all their crayons on the super bowl billboard

  6. Paul McClancy says:

    Is this satire? Literal voodoo pharmacology!

  7. allan says:

    I’m almost willing to bet they’ve lifted those graphic characters w/o permission from the copyright holder. Reminds me of something from back in the Ed “Big Daddy” Roth days (look it up youngsters!).

    Seriously tho’… ;

    if you’re going to tell a bad lie, tell it badly! be bold in your badness! let everyone know that you have no class, no sense, and couldn’t tell the truth if you had to.

    Damn fine job Calvina! Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Goblet says:

      common clip art. Wonder if they paid.


      • allan says:

        thanks Goblet. Suffice it to say, even if they didn’t pay, they will still have to pay.

        Clip art… whatsa matta Calvina, can’t find an artist that doesn’t get high?

        These are the same people that put up the the billboard on Hwy 99 in Oregon City using a picture of a scarred, drawn-faced woman in an anti-pot ad. It got taken down.

        The interwwweb isn’t as kind as local communities.

        And to call it a fact! ya just can’t make this shit up…

        Still snowing.

      • Paul McClancy says:

        Awwww, they left out the little zombie girl with a teddy bear! That would have really sold well with the masses. Will someone please think of the zombie children!!!

  8. DonDig says:

    Just gotta love a prohib poster that invalidates its own message at the very first glance.
    We must have a mole in the ‘Drug Free America’ organization.

    • kaptinemo says:

      I said here long ago that when an organization demands uniformity of thought and action, especially for the sake of ideological or faux ‘moral’ ‘purity’, you drive out the most creative members of your group. In this case, the creativity that cannabis can spawn obviously was not a factor in the production of this pathetically sophomoric farce.

      On second thought, I take it back; it’s not sophomoric. It’s downright infantile.

      More proof of their inability to compete in the arena of ideas. (Shaking head ruefully) Their capacity for unselfconsciously embarrassing themselves evidently knows no limits. Just too arrogant and, frankly, stupid to know when to throw in the towel.

  9. Jean Valjean says:

    “Zombie Nation”
    an even better title for a movie than “Reefer Madness.” Check out the cartoon characters… it’s a dog-whistle for “People We Don’t Like.”

  10. Howard says:

    Somebody’s tweet after seeing the DFAF graphic;

    “@DrugFreeAmerica Go home Drug Free America: You’re drunk.”


  11. TieHash says:

    This is what I think of when I hear “Zobmie Nation” — Zombie Nation Kernkraft 400

  12. strayan says:

    The only lazy people here are the ones who slapped this together.

    And they have the audacity to call us lazy!

  13. Duncan20903 says:


    Contrary to

  14. allan says:

    hmmm… ok, we have the iconic heads up their asses with both feet stuck in their mouths down pat. But from that position to still manage to pull such hooey out of that already busy orifice… wow.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      …and getting paid to do it. Have we ever looked up Calvina’s salary? It should be public information. How much does a professional confidence artist with very little talent fetch nowadays?

      • Duncan20903 says:


        Oh now never mind, that was an ill advised thing to Google. Now I’m within millimeters of barfing. jesusgawd what a witch.

        • allan says:

          I have plenty of icicles hanging around the eaves, if you want to poke your eyes out. Sorry man, I should have warned you. I went there once… *. . . s h u d d e r . . . *

  15. allan says:

    Just sittin’ here watching it snow. Close to 12″ on the ground (that’s a lot for us) and snowing steady. S’posed to last thru tomorrow, followed by freezing rain. Oh boy!

    Consider this a weather warning to those east of me… this is a big un, heading your way over the next few days.

    THIS is why god made pot… dang that’s pretty. Pretty deep and pretty cold!

  16. claygooding says:

    YOU gotta read this,,.

    they want to use recovering marijuana addicts anecdotal testimony to keep marijuana schedule 1 even if it isn’t addictive or no more harmful than alcohol


    • claygooding says:

      Wait until Polis and the Oregon senator/rep that got mad in the hearing,,they won’ wait for any more hearings,,there will be a full blown comeapart on both floors in Congress

    • Howard says:

      From the linked article;

      Julie Renken, the district attorney for Burleson County, said in a statement Thursday she thought the sheriff’s office acted correctly during events that “occurred in a matter of seconds amongst chaos.”

      “I believe the evidence also shows that an announcement was made,” Renken said. “However, there is not enough evidence that Mr. Magee knew that day that Peace Officers were entering his home.”


      So here’s a possible scenario (more like likely);


      KA-BLAM! (door knocked down)

      Bang!, bang!, bang! (dog shot)

      Occupants screaming and terrified (amid the chaos, you listening Julie Renken?).

      Loud voice: “Get on the fucking floor or I WILL blow your brains out”.

      More terrified screaming from the occupants.

      Voice: “Oh wait, I need to announce, I’m a Peace Officer…”.

    • claygooding says:

      WOW hell,,maximum THUD,,TX GJ refuses to indict marijuana growing cop killer,,,,he must have had the entire church state bar assn and two homeless goat there when it happened,,because in the TX constitution,,you have the right to resist an illegal arrest,,and the above is what it takes,,fact

      There are more prosecutors and judges calling the governor every legislator at home home daily,,we can shoot back now!!

  17. Servetus says:

    Someone with no imagination whatsoever is plagiarizing the bath-salts propaganda and directing it at marijuana:

    Why is fake weed associated with zombies?

    Fake weed causes extreme anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, alienation/disassociation, psychotic episodes and hallucinations. This behavior has been labeled the “zombie” effect.

    Legalization activists need to counter this insufferable campaign with ghoulish propaganda of their own. Maybe a vampire theme showing prohibitionists sucking the blood out of taxpayers and featuring Count Kerlikowske as the Blood Czar.

    Here’s another zombie/marijuana reference involving Florida cannibal Rudy Eugene wherein Miami police believe the zombie was on marijuana, not baths-salts, thereby blowing their whole bath-salt theory.

  18. primus says:

    So the best analogy I can think of is the Roman Legions. Each unit of the legions was a solid block with shields on all sides and spears and swords poking through the gaps. A fearsome enemy because they worked as a team and maintained the solidity of their group. When the unit was breached and it was every man for himself, it was not nearly as effective. Enemies could concentrate their weaponry on one warrior or small group at a time and chew them up. Same same with the drug warriors; at one time they had solidity, their talking points were cross-referenced and they supported each other just like the legionnaires did. Now that their solidity has been broken, they are running around in circles, their talking points being used against them, their enemies concentrating fire on whoever shows his face. They thought they had all these friends who would back them, only now they find that their ‘friends’ are turning on them and showing them to be the toothless old soldiers they truly are. Their weapons are dulled, their enemies have multiplied and strengthened and their friends are gone or going fast. It must be a terrible, scary time for these old warriors, to find their efforts so minimized, their stories laughed at instead of revered. Sucks to be them. Meh.

  19. darkcycle says:

    Wow. Just….wow. I think they’ve cracked up from the stress.

    • claygooding says:

      Nope,,fear of scissors has struck,,start leading them to the bridges or water tower,,help them climb up and carry a taser,,in case they just can’t do it.

      If no tall structures are available borrow a horse and a hemp rope,,surely there is a tree somewhere.

  20. claygooding says:

    +kevin can’t give up,,good jobs don’t have a job description that has professional liar and myth builder listed,,,,damn that was quick,,I went to make the short url and it was gone,,maybe back up,,he prolly misspelled pot.

    • claygooding says:


      An outspoken opponent of legalizing marijuana visited Utah on Friday to urge lawmakers to put the brakes on a bill that would give epileptic children access to nonintoxicating cannabis oils.

      “These parents are not part of the marijuana movement. They are very good parents in a desperate situation. My heart goes out to them,” said Kevin Sabet, director of the Drug Policy Institute at the University of Florida and co-founder of Project SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana).

      But as a matter of policy, “there’s a better and safer route” for them to get the medication they need, he said, referring to an investigational trial of GW Pharmaceuticals’ Epidiolex, pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol.

      PS : I thought “addictive” was in the wording for Schedule 1

      • strayan says:

        A recent survey found more Utah 10th-graders are using marijuana than are using cigarettes, said Susannah Burt, prevention director for the state Department of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

        Errr, doesn’t that mean we should regulate cannabis like cigarettes?

        God, prohibidiots are stupid.

      • Crut says:

        Kevin plugging Epidolex again so soon? Is SAM funded by GW Pharmaceuticals perhaps? Oh wait, no, you’re all volunteers, I forgot…

  21. claygooding says:

    State Department recently came out with a report declaring that transporting oil via the Keystone XL pipeline would have a “minimal environmental impact” relative to moving it over railroad tracks.

    That’s not a particularly difficult standard to meet, considering all the petrol spillages caused by rail petrol transport across the country over the last few years.

    But as Colbert noted last night, mainstream media outlets are flying with the State Department’s report with characteristic glibness.

    “Major advancements for the keystone pipeline: The State Department issuing an eleven volume report [that] finds the pipeline won’t hurt the environment like proponents claim,” said one reporter in a clip featured on the show.

    Colbert went on to highlight a story from The Washington Post implying that the transport of oil from Alberta was inevitable: “…most of Alberta’s oil will likely find a way to get into the market anyway–if not by pipeline, than by rail.”

    “Case in point,” Colbert followed up, “If it’s inevitable that climate change is gonna melt the ice caps, I say we drown the polar bears in the San Diego Zoo.” ‘end’

    I wonder if NIDA did this study??

    • Windy says:

      With all the petroleum we have in these united States of America, Alberta can sell their oil to the Chinese, instead. We don’t need it, especially if we can get hemp re-legalized for an agricultural crop.

      • allan says:

        not to wander too far down non-drug policy topics, but what the hell is with this drive for oil and natgas? Stupid ****s. Less, less, less! The consumer era is dead – or will be soon enough. I mean when science and reality (often, oddly, separated) say we need to change our fossil sucking ways, we need to change our fossil sucking ways! Crikey!


        Bloviation (oooh, spell-checker says I’m wrong and I’m not, ha ha) drowns out the real discussions virtually everywhere. I mean there’s serious shit goin’ down ever’where and more comin’ down the pipeline (so to speak). We need some adults to tell the dolts to sit down and stfu. Change is a must. Adapt or die.

      • Windy says:

        Ohhh, someone didn’t like the idea of exchanging polluting fossil fuel for clean, green hemp fuel. Or else they didn’t like the idea of Canada selling their oil to China. Shrug.

        • Steve Finlay says:

          Most of what we have in Canada to sell isn’t oil; it is called bitumen. It’s very heavy, sticky stuff. Whether it is going to the US via Keystone or to China via the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, it first has to be diluted with large amounts of a toxic solvent that is worth much more than the bitumen itself. Otherwise it is too thick to pump. Then at the end of the pipeline, the solvent has to be recovered, and something has to be done with it. I believe it can be used as jet fuel.

          Either way, what Canadians are asking (especially those in the path of the Northern Gateway pipeline) is why we don’t REFINE the stuff in Alberta first.

  22. Daniel Williams says:

    Back in 2006 the Partnership celebrated their 20th anniversary with a big gala at the NYC Waldorf. I attended just to see all the crazies in one place – best $1000 I ever spent. If you recall, 2006 was the height of the steroid scandal in Major League Baseball. So naturally, the Partnership named MLB commissioner Bud Selig their Man of the Year for all he’d done to help create a drug-free America.

    • primus says:

      Why would you want to give them your $1000 to carry on their evil ways? Even if your money isn’t that important to them, the fact that people are willing to spend that much to attend their fundction means a lot to their large donors who are their main target. Your presence there hurt the movement. If nobody would buy their tickets, they would be seen to be powerless. When people buy them, the sellers are seen to be powerful. Thanks a lot.

      • Daniel Williams says:

        You’re welcome.

        Me buying a ticket didn’t affect whatever power they have: MLB donated over 90% of the take that night. And to say my presence there that night hurt the movement is just silly. In fact, I beleive I represented the movement rather well. Seeing the looks on the faces at my table when I debunked much of what they said/believed was priceless.

        Your anger is misplaced.

  23. Servetus says:

    If the ongoing marijuana/et al. Schedule I scandal within the DEA weren’t enough, training documents revealing the depth of the DEA’s parallel construction scandal have surfaced. As we know the DEA conspires with local law enforcement to hide surveillance, thereby tainting the constitutionality of thousands of drug cases across the nation. The DEA’s Special Operations Division (SOD) scandal is a new piece of artillery for use in crushing DEA fortifications.

    The illegalities might be used to force the resignation of DEA bad girl Michele Leonhart. Abolishing the DEA is an option, for the same reason that the dwellings and crime scenes of serial and mass killers are razed to obliterate the memory of the event from the public mind.

  24. claygooding says:


    It is time to quit arguing about what cannabis can do,,quit arguing with cops,trolls and reefer madness victims..lets start posting real science from Israel and ignore their the prohibicites with no rebuttal,,no argument,,Maybe an mlm as an advocate signature, Fight lies with truth and less drama???

    If i am reading correctly all research must be peer reviewed by random research agencies

    • claygooding says:

      I haven’t found the studies,,may have to be logged in while in-country or have a pass code to the actual studies,,perhaps Israeli News has links to new discoveries,,and the beat goes on.

    • NorCalNative says:

      I can help you out here.

      PogoFrog.com is a search engine “for physicians” that anyone can use and is where I go to find research.

      It’s really simple,you don’t even have to know about a particular study.

      For example, type “cannabinoids and cancer” into the PogoFrog.com search engine and you get study after study you can choose to click on an read.

      Usually it redirects to PubMed and an abstract of the study with all the pertinent info. The Abstract is often easy to understand and requires little or no medical terminology.

      What’s cool about the PubMed site is that in the upper right hand corner it usually lists several other studies that relate to your original search.

      Any topic or area of cannabis-related research you can think of is a short search-string away. Cannabis and prostate cancer, cannabis and addiction, cannabis as anti-inflammatory, cannabis as anti-cancer agent, cannabis and…?

      It was the simple search string: Cannabis and cancer” at PogoFrog.com that changed my life.

      With an average of two published studies per day over the last twenty years there’s plenty to look at. Very often the complete study is available for free.

      PogoFrog.com will answer many questions folks might have. I recommend it highly, it’s become almost a second home for me the past six months.

  25. allan says:

    local good guy lawyer Brian Michaels (for years and years Brian has been the lawyer for the annual Rainbow Gathering and very much more) has a nice oped in today’s local paper:

    Phobia of legalizing marijuana afflicts America


    What is it about this notion there are too many legal substances already? In a society dedicated to the principle of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, aren’t we supposed to be looking at reducing government restrictions on our choices, instead of reducing the number of choices our government allows?

    Yet even if you believe only a certain number of choices should be allowed, then we ought to be more circumspect about which items are on the list. Instead of adding marijuana to the list of prohibited choices, let’s substitute marijuana for something more dangerous – say, cigarettes, a well-known blight on Americans’ health.

    Now, look at your friends who smoke. Suppose they were criminals, forced to grow tobacco gardens in their basements or back yards. It is now their house, or your house, that will be broken into by paramilitary SWAT teams busting down your door, taking your property, your money and your children. (And you thought having to step outside to smoke was a bother.)


    • allan says:

      actually, it was published on the 6th.

      just sent in my LTE, I liked my last paragraph:

      The prohibition of cannabis truly is a big lie. All of it. Legalization (aka ‘regulation’) advocates are guilty only of enthusiasm. The government and it’s anti-drug agents and agencies are guilty of a long list of crimes.

  26. Tony Aroma says:

    So they’re telling me zombies are real? It’s a fact? So if I see someone who’s pale and shambling, I should destroy their brain (the only sure way to kill a zombie) before they feast on my living flesh? Message received loud and clear!

  27. Atomish says:

    So. Bad. I’m speechless!

    This obviously has a connection to:


  28. claygooding says:

    Anyone want a walk down memory lane,,one of those cold sticky memories that doesn’t require a refresher course but without remembering where we started really hating people like Grassley and anyone that thinks like he does,,besides it’s nice to see that the quality of propaganda is actually declining.
    Extended periods of thinking like they do could possibly be linked with a link married to a link that causes thinking problems,,that is why they ban drugs,,so we can think like they do,,,what an evil plan.


  29. claygooding says:

    It was the only testimony seen on the news and played for a week,,about 5 minutes of it in two segments,,one one night folloed by the other four>6 days on the 6:00>10:00 news.

    Money well spent ONDCP,,,

  30. Servetus says:

    By decree of Mayor Rob Ford, Feb. 6 will forevermore be designated Bob Marley Day in Toronto.

    Not bad. With a simple declaration, Mayor Ford has just given a lot of people a reason to travel to Toronto every February 6. The Honorable Mayor obviously stands on the side of party animals everywhere.

    • Tim says:

      Toronto has a large Jamaican population and Bob Marley Day has been declared for years. It’s only news now because Mascot Ford is in the news.

      Did you know he and his brother were major hash dealers back in the day?

  31. The poster was made for children or by children, I am not sure which is which. Since prohibition of marijuana mainly impacts the poor and minority races, I find it quite offensive. The picture depicts minority races. I don’t see a white man in the picture.

    Would,t it be more effective if they used the truth -if they really want to help?

  32. DdC says:

    Project CBD Responds To SAM’s CBDisinformation

    Medical Marijuana Will Kill Florida
    By Ryan Pfeffer Feb. 5 2014
    This November, throngs of Floridians will strap on their sandals and flop their way to the polls to cast ballots that may well be the end of Florida as we know it. That’s right, folks. It’s over. Kiss it all goodbye.

    Because on November’s ballot is an amendment so evil and insidious that mere contact with the ink will be enough to turn toddlers into meth-crazed cannibals. I don’t even want to say it.

    Fine, I’ll say it: Medical Marijuana. continued

    White House Deputy Drug Czar admits weed safer
    than pills and booze, offers no ideas for reform


    “Students do not have a choice at Delaware Valley. They have to choose between their constitutional rights and participating in activities,” Kiederer said.

    Random drug testing of students who drive to school or wish to be involved in extracurricular activities has been the district’s policy since 1996. But it was banned from practicing it after Pike County Judge Joseph Kameen issued a temporary injunction in July 2011.

    Kameen vacated the injunction Jan. 21 and ruled that Delaware Valley’s drug testing policy is constitutional and now may continue.

    The injunction came at the request of the ACLU of Pennsylvania on behalf of Glenn and Kathy Kiederer of Milford, who objected when their then-12-year-old daughter was required to be tested for drugs to join the school scrapbooking club. The family believed it was a violation of their civil rights.

  33. CarolDuhart2 says:

    Double the users if cannabis was re-legalized? The only way things double like that is if there is a massive amount of pent-up demand. Perhaps they know this, and they are simply trying to “game the numbers”. The gaming is meant to cover folks who now admit things, people who may try it once to see what the fuss is about, and the newly minted medicals who find it a good remedy.

    Also, why don’t we already see the zombies? Pot is everywhere already, so why don’t we see current zombies? I mean, pot being legal doesn’t unleash the zombies, anymore than alcohol illegal reduced the number of drunks.

    • allan says:

      ma’am… I see you’ve made yourself comfortable, there’s drinks in the fridge and always extra crackers and chips twixt the cushions.

      And Carol… those kinds of questions are exactly what the uh, journalists of today need to be asking. We keep hoping anyway…

      • CarolDuhart2 says:

        Pot’s been in widespread use since about 1964 or so. Maybe folks believed everything and anything back then when nobody really knew anyone who had been smoking for 40 years. But it’s been forty years, and if there was anything to this at all, the effects would have shown up now that the first constant tokers are getting to be retirement age. But doctors aren’t raising much of an alarm about aftereffects like they have with tobacco or do with alcohol.

        And legalizers have been pretty responsible. They are willing to submit to the same restrictions as tobacco and alcohol: no sales/advertising to minors, not driving while impaired with anything, and willing to compromise when it comes to publicly open use. Hardly the sign of zombie-like lack of responsibility and consciouness.

        Thanks for the welcome, allan.

      • Windy says:

        Welcome echoed. We can always use another female voice, here.

  34. marco says:

    Poll out today shows that adult usage in Colorado stayed the same last month. There wasn’t even the nostalgic bump that nearly everyone conceded would happen. Turns out that the people that want to use MJ already were, and those that didn’t care to use already were not, and all legalization did was bring up tax receipts and virtually eliminate arrests.


    • B. Snow says:

      “Keeping in mind that all of your answers in this survey are confidential, have you, yourself ever happened to try marijuana?”

      It might be just me, But…
      IMO, That’s certainly NOT exactly the best way to reassure people that the poll is in fact “confidential” – And, repeating it once again – before the next question – surely that can’t help the matter.

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