Unmuzzle the Drug Czar

Our article on how the Drug Czar is required by law to lie has gotten a lot of play over the past few years, and it points out how incredibly inappropriate it is for Congress to have such a provision, that is not only anti-science, but also codifies the government has being antagonistic to its citizens.

It was pretty cool to see that issue come up in the ONDCP hearings last week, and now Representative Steve Cohen has proposed the entertainingly-named Unmuzzle the Drug Czar Act, which would remove that provision.

Now, that’s not going to magically make this ONDCP a better place — one that’s suddenly dedicated to the truth. It’ll still be a cesspool of mendacity. But it would be a good move by Congress to eliminate that offensive language, and maybe open the door to the possibility of a future ONDCP that could actually be about drug control policy (as in regulation) rather than prohibition propaganda promotion.

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  1. Matthew Meyer says:

    Such a move would also draw attention to the un-American logjam in place now.

    Many people still don’t realize that it’s the drug czar’s job to lie about pot. Cohen’s bill would help with that.

  2. NorCalNative says:

    “…a cesspool of mendacity.”

    What a great visual image.

    • claygooding says:

      that is worse than allans visualization of the posturing to get their head up their ass with their feet stuck in their mouth.

      “Artist needed for graphic interpretation of a piece of allan’s mind.”

  3. claygooding says:

    Recent years,,i have been posting it every day since the hearing,,sometimes a portion,,sometimes the link and several times the entire article,,just in case any of these suddenly posting commenters may have missed it.

  4. Servetus says:

    The ONDCP’s License to Lie is an implied admission of guilt. It signals that fraud has and will occur at the highest levels of drug enforcement. It’s an insidious privilege that’s been bestowed by Congress and presidents upon a government bureaucracy so it can more efficiently commit human rights crimes against American citizens.

    Erasing the statutory language is one thing. Holding a congressional hearing on the chaos and destruction created by the ONDCP’s License to Lie (and thereby its License to Kill), would result in a shorter end to the drug war. A hearing would also express a need to ensure that legally codified perjury, libel and slander never happen again.

  5. claygooding says:

    Smoking your first joint.

    Some people can smoke cannabis the first time and their body is not acclimated to the sudden introduction of more cannabinoids than the body is capable of producing and smoke too much resulting in a possible panic attack when it finally hits them,,not helped by a veteran toker telling them “don’t worry,,it will wear off in 3 or four days in the middle of the panic attack,,,a right of passage paid by nearly everybody introduced to Lady Sativa.

    Eat a light meal,,no alcohol,,,get comfortable and put on some of your favorite music,,not too loud but more than background noise.

    Light your joint and take 2 tokes(puffs,),holding the smoke in past 5 seconds isn’t necessary,then wait 5 to 10 minutes to allow your body to get acclimated to the cannabinoids,,relight the joint and take 2 tokes and repeat process until you get up and crank the sound up and start dancing in your living room,,quit relighting the joint,.

    If you chose to use a pipe for your first try reduce to 1 toke after the first time of two.

    I would not recommend an edible the first time,,it takes too long to know when enough is enough and people end up eating too much,,if you find someone with a vaporizer,,reduce to one sip of the vape pen and repeat process for smoking cannabis.

    Call me in the morning and tell me how you slept and if you have a hangover.

    Going to start posting this on positive posts,,you know there are a lot of curious folks out there and freaking them out the first time may hurt more than it helps.

  6. Freeman says:

    It’ll still be a cesspool of mendacity, primarily because they’ll continue their practice of hiring professional propagandists like Harrumphreys and Sebat as “Senior Policy Advisors”, not to mention selecting directors based on the limitations of their vocabularies.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      We really could use a Sabetical from the ankle biters. How do we get them to muzzle Kev-Kev?

      • claygooding says:

        Pin him down on his FLA teaching job,,we need some of his students to spill the beans how he s promising them a steady flow of marijuana addicts that have a dependency.

  7. darkcycle says:

    O/T but needing to be shared: Breaking News! Stoned mayhem on Washington’s freeways fails to materialize. “Experts” stumped. Mark Kleiman (the K is silent)of Botec analysis says “Just you wait! They’ll start crashing any minute!”
    (Thanks, Russ.)

  8. darkcycle says:

    Mark Kleiman sees all legalization advocates who predict positive results from cannabis legalization as fools in dunce caps. Yet he and the prohibitionists (who already proudly WEAR dunce hats) are the only ones who are out there predicting mayhem and social collapse. Seems that he should get the drift, but no. He’s the ONLY legalization “advocate” sounding these alarms.
    There’s a saying in poker: “If you can’t spot the sucker at the table, he’s you.” Might apply here, Mark, ya think?

    • Plant Down Babylon says:

      I’m just glad we’re playing a royal flush of truth/facts.
      Kinda hard for them to beat that hand.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Do you have any scientific evidence that just because a person owns a monogrammed dunce cap that it proves that person is an idiot? Couldn’t it be a fashion statement like a swastika tattoo is in some places? Just because someone has a swastika tattoo doesn’t prove that his Shake’n Bake is kosher!

      I’ve heard that in Arpaio County there are people who think that it says something if they sashay around in pubic wearing pink boxer shorts. I’ve got no clue what they think it says but I’ve got a hunch that it’s not that they’re idiots. But Sheriff Joe says that those boxer shorts are counterfeit because he has strict inventory control. He said that all of those that are supposed to be in his tent city are present and accounted for. Well at least before the 9th Circuit ruled that those undergarments were a violation of the Constitutionally protected right to due process of the law he said that.

      Christ on a crutch, the Federal Appeals Courts won’t rule that proven innocence is grounds to vacate a conviction but they will protect the right of people to not be emasculated by being forced to dress in gayly colored underwear. Go figure that one out because it’s just as beyond my barbie as much as it’s beyond my ken. If you succeed please, please do me the favor of ‘splainin it.

      Court Bashes Pink Underwear for Arpaio’s Inmates
      March 09, 2012

      Jack MacIntyre, a deputy chief for Arpaio, said the court’s decision had serious flaws. The sheriff’s office started dyeing the jail-issued underwear in the 1990s as a way to discourage inmates from taking home the undergarments after they were released from custody.

      The Arpaio aide rejected the appeals court’s note about the underwear’s color to “stigmatize the male prisoners as feminine.”

      “That seems like a thing made up by a law clerk from the East Coast,” MacIntyre said.

      [game show buzzer] Sorry Jack, the judges have ruled that your understanding of the law s feeble minded. What in the world gave you the idea that the law has to make any sense? Just to make the case even more ludicrously surreal the SCOTUSupheld the ruling without issuing an opinion.

      Confess old man, admit that you thought that I had spun that laughably absurd piece of jurisprudence from whole cloth. There’s a reason why Poe’s law was invented you know. :} Who in the world could actually invent such an absurd fiction? It’s hard enough trying to accept the reality that a bunch of people acting independently, seriously and in “good faith” were able to actually create that laughable absurdity.

  9. Tim says:

    OT, but I think we may have a Canadian version of Mel Sembler: Cabinet minister Jason Kenney’s brother:


    Three families have launched a lawsuit alleging their teenage kids were bullied and mistreated at an unlicensed youth treatment centre run by Employment Minister Jason Kenney’s brother.

    You may have heard of Jason Kenney before:


    • These kinds of programs begin with a philosophy roughly patterned after military boot camps. They attempt to destroy the individual and his ego in the mistaken idea they can replace it with one of their choosing. These types of programs always use debilitating and forceful means of getting people to rethink their use of drugs. They remind me of miniature concentration camps for drug users. There are many still out there. People should be warned of them.

  10. Its the philosophy behind the ONDCP and the drug war in general that has me concerned. The office was, and still is, operating as a propaganda machine. Only its chosen line of communication may be propagated, not truth. In fact the ONDCP is prevented from acting with any authority at all. I mean real authority by reason of knowledge because its mission is to stop knowledge. It cannot act with any wisdom. It authorizes only those things that further its own propaganda mission- to stop chosen drugs from becoming legal. Is this bill going to really change anything? Its mission prevents any truth from seeing the light of day. With truth gone, there is no justice because justice depends upon the discovery of truth.

    The Congressional changes sound nice.

    Without a mission, the drug czar is an unnecessary barrier in the path of truth and the quest for scientific discoveries that will not be impinged upon by a politician’s political whim. Drugs don’t cause crime, politicians do. I think a better bill would be to end the ONDCP.

    • If you want to end the drug war, start by reversing all the things we did to start the war. Reverse all the Nixon era changes. The CSA, the DEA, the schedules themselves. The drug war is a failure and it’s counter productive to have these US policies on drugs on the books at all. We need some that are non destructive to human life.

  11. Tim says:

    One more thing I forgot to mention: Today is Marc Emery’s 56th birthday.

    If granted early release, he should be home this summer.

  12. DdC says:

    Urine sampling jobs leaves society with bad taste.
    AP: UPS Feb 30,2014 Quizwhiz Wazup
    Washington: If one had to get a sample of urine. A commode type apparatus would be devised. Since samples are collected in a cup. Questions have risen in certain DC circles as to exactly why. Also are the Voyeurs tax paid, watching children pee in these cups? Do they assist? The DEA finally admitted samples had to be tasted for true accuracy. Piss tasters, like wine tasters have a long tradition of distinguishing areas and strains to allow police to toss in some bones while they lie under oath giving court testimony. Today the kids all want to make money. No one has time for accuracy. Piss tasting is fading into the sunset. Lab tests are expensive and inaccurate and leave much incentive to produce positive results for compensation. Drug worrier zealots have tainted 40,000 Americans, in one lab with one tech following DARE and Sabetage subliminal instructions. Psychologist are baffled as to why a remaining small group fear someone smoking cannabis to the point of wanting to taste their piss. I’m sure if they saw the pitiful sad DEA faces wanting to get high, so bad they sample the piss of tokers. Like laplanders drinking reindeer piss discovering Rudolph. The image has to remain pure, Any blemish might clue people into the truth. Random daily quizzes make this exemption the only available way to get high, Other piss tasters would find them positive. Leading to unemployment with not much opportunity. The Czar’s office had no comment.

    • frank w says:

      I didn’t understand the piss bit but I looked into that link supplied and it seems there’s a pretender to the Sabet Throne in the form of Pat Prendergast, who has a resume of similar reefer madness articles and also connections to the drug treatment cartel.

      • DdC says:

        The last desperate act of cowards protecting Ganjawar profits. An oldie but crammed with unadulterated crap and gossip… Worthy of consideration for a Dr James Munch award…

        Pot More Dangerous Than You Know
        With the recent article published on May 12, 2013,

        Pot More Dangerous Than? You Know…
        Aspirin? Well No. Cigarettes? No. Booze or Pills? No. Than not smoking? No. Jail? No. Texting while driving? No. Anyone ever die from overdose? No. Get cancer? No? No. Lung problems? No? Nope. Nada. What is the antidote for cannabis overdose? dunno Coffee. So then why is Pot More Dangerous Than You Know? It’s illegal. Why? Ah, because it’s more dangerous than you know? dear Liza, dear Liza…

        Drug laws may be debated in Commons as petition passes 100,000 threshold
        @TransformDrugs – via @Telegraph

        “Ever since MTF began in 1975, 81% – 90% of 12th graders said they could get marijuana fairly/very easily” Pg 11

        great piece on y disrespect is bad in all of medicine
        Maia Szalavitz ‏@maiasz – via @mindhacksblog

    • B. Snow says:

      DdC, no offense intended here but – WTF?

      I’ve read basically everything current and what’s considered general ‘required reading’ about the WoD – and whatnot… But, I’ve NEVER understood this bit.

      And you bring it up -roughly- every other time the subject drug testing comes up in various debates.

      Off-the-top-of-my-head – I recall one that was something like:
      “Kinky Kerli wants to taste more of your piss.”

      IMHO, That’s just not a good start for a persuasive argument of any sort. It also – in no way – makes me want to follow any of the related links you supply on said ‘story’.
      Presuming for a second = it’s a bit hyperbolic but based on some odd ‘true story’… I seriously doubt you’re gonna get many folks to read about it that way.

      Or, if it’s more of a (uhmm?) ‘rhetorical story’ = you’re still not getting to me that way.
      More importantly, (I don’t believe) the folks that you/I/’We’ want to “win over” are going to give that much more than a glance before finding it distasteful (pun coincidental) and ignoring the rest of it.

      I can’t believe this is rooted in reality – and looks to be an attempt at satire through absurdity, wrapped in a ‘play on words’…
      And while I appreciate a good ‘play-on-words’ – (just as much or often more than the next guy).

      But yet again, IMHO = this is one you should really consider dropping… I’m normally all for levity = But here the satire is kinda vague and that degree of ambiguity – well it really makes it gross.

      And – I truly believe you’re gonna end up distracting people from the policy debates, AND detracting from the overall message(s)/arguments you use it in.

      (FWIW, I followed that link & quickly skimmed it – I see nothing related to the absurd notion that “these guys are so demented they want to taste-test your piss”, IF it was funny I could see using it, but its really not that funny… Not enough to get past the nasty mental image.)

      That’s just my 2 cents, feel free to leave them in the ‘penny tray’ if you want but = I’m just trying to be helpful.

  13. strayan says:

    OT. An embarrassingly bad critique of cannabis re-legalisation from someone who claims to be a conservative:


  14. claygooding says:

    When “disCUSSing” cannabis/marijuana/pot/ganja/grass/weed with any person holding their hand on the Bible:

    12 The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.

    29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.


    Let them argue with that.

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