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July 2012



The Living Canvas: Eureka

One of my many involvements is as Artistic Director of The Living Canvas, and I've got a new show running in Chicago this summer at National Pastime Theater (941 W. Lawrence). It's “Living Canvas: Eureka!” and it runs Fridays and Saturdays at 10 pm through August 11.

Living Canvas is a very unique concept […]

Jay-Z and the Fourth Amendment

A fascinating legal article is Jay-Z’s 99 Problems, Verse 2: A Close Reading with Fourth Amendment Guidance for Cops and Perps by Caleb Mason, Saint Louis University School of Law.

The author does a line-by-line analysis of the second verse of this hit rap song “from the perspective of a criminal procedure professor.” It’s a […]

Ahh, ‘Facts,’ you say?

I’ve got a copy of “Marijuana Legalization: What everyone Needs to Know” by Jonathan P. Caulkins, Angela Hawken, Beau Kilmer, and Mark A.R. Kleiman and hope to find time to read it soon (although I’m not looking forward to it).

I’m sure I’ll be talking about it here.

However, an excerpt has been printed at […]

Talking to the masses

For those of you who spend a lot of time researching and discussing drug policy, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of mostly talking to others who are knowledgable on the subject. This gives a warped perception regarding the overall level of knowledge/acceptance in the population. It’s important every now and […]

Is this the time the public rises up and says ‘Enough is enough’?


MEDIA ALERT! For Immediate Release: July 11, 2012 11 AM

Thousands of Patients Threatened to Lose Safe Access U.S. Attorney & DEA Threaten Harborside Health Center Landlords Property Forfeiture Filed in District Court of San Francisco *** Invitation to Attend Press Conference Oakland, California – Thursday July 12th at 9 AM – Oakland […]

Open Thread

Some nice takes on the prohibitionists who contributed to the U.S. News Debate Club:

Dr. Kevin Sabet’s Kinder Gentler Drug War by Russ Belville

Reading the supporting pieces from Dr. Kevin Sabet and David Brooks makes me wonder if we’re talking about the same Drug War that has killed 60,000 Mexicans, arrested 850,000 American […]

Debate Club

At U.S. News and World Report, there’s a Debate Club segment on Is it Time to Scale Back the War on Drugs? – featuring Aaron Houston (Yes), Neill Franklin (Yes), Paul Armentano (Yes), Kevin Sabet (No), and David G. Evans (No).

So far, in the debate club voting, the “Yes” arguments are clearly winning (no […]

Man Proposes Radical Theory for Face-eating Incident

The Internet was abuzz today with talk about a radical notion put forward by machinist George Taylor about the man who ate a face.

“Maybe he was, well, insane,” offered Mr. Taylor, who works for a living making things and doesn’t even have a blog.

“That’s just crazy talk,” said Noura Ibrahim, science blogger and […]

Was Noura Ibrahim’s brain damaged by exposure to cadavers?

“Science” blogger Noura Ibrahim (who is participating in cadaver dissection at Victor Valley College) brings us some first-class stupidity with Was Miami Face-Chewing Attack Caused by Cannabis-Induced Psychosis? at Huffington Post.

Of course, the question in the title of her piece is a likely giveaway that it’s completely unsupported sensationalism aimed at getting attention rather […]

Lessons in policing

With the passing of Andy Griffith this week, we were reminded of this amazing clip of Sheriff Andy teaching about the 4th Amendment.

Also check out these two police department recruitment videos (at Radley Balko’s The Agitator)

In which town would you like to live?