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December 2011
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Writing papers

I get an email:

Subject: I’m writing an essay on marijuana.

Text: I need you background to say your not a nut. Please reply. Thank you.

Probably not the best approach, Phillip, when asking a professional for information, but fortunately, I’m a laid-back kind of guy and don’t mind the potential “nut” reference.

However, I’m […]

DEA, cartels, how do you keep ’em straight?

When I first read this story about the DEA laundering drug cartel money, I thought, “Of course. That’s what they do, so why is this a story?”

Then I remembered that the DEA is supposed to be on the other side from the cartels, so it is a scandalous story.

Then I tried to answer […]

We hate Iran, yet we pay them to continue human rights abuses

Why is the west funding Iran’s deadly war on drugs? by Fazel Hawramy in the Guardian

Representatives of more that 50 countries will meet in Vienna shortly to determine the level of international support that Iran receives for its continuing war on drugs.

This comes amid concern about the increasing number of executions for drug-related […]

Quote of the day

The quote is buried deep within Marijuana use among young adults at highest levels

It’s a standard ho-hum article about marijuana, teens, and addiction, with the formulaic start:

Growing up in Greeley, Colo., Justin Luke Riley heard lots of anti-drug messages at home, school and church. But he ignored them to escape his insecurities and […]