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March 2011
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Florida Governor institutes unconstitutional drug testing program

At Stop The Drug War:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) Tuesday issued an executive order Tuesday requiring that current state employees submit to random drug tests and that applicants for state jobs undergo pre-hiring drug tests. The order will go into effect in 60 days for current employees and immediately for new hires, but it […]

Too strange to be a film

Couldn’t resist a little bit of photoshop fun.

It’s not even directly a drug war story, other than the fact that the tactics are part of, and have grown from, the drug war.

If you haven’t read about this already, you owe it to yourself.

A man was suspected of cockfighting, so Sheriff Joe […]

Maliciously misguided

This post at Opposing News includes Senator Jay Rocefeller’s full response to why he confirmed Michele Leonhart for head of the DEA.

His letter is almost perfectly typical of the kind of response you get from so many elected officials on this issue, and could almost serve as a template.

Here’s the exciting conclusion:


Count the Costs

This is outstanding.

Press Release

Being launched today by NGOs from around the world as a side event of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna: The War on Drugs – Count the Costs.

Speakers will outline the many costs of the war on drugs, and the aims of the campaign, to an audience […]

National Cancer Institute on Cannabis and Cannabinoids

The National Cancer Institute website (a .gov site that’s part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health) has a new Information Summary on the use of Cannabis and its components for people with cancer-related symptoms caused by the disease itself or its treatment.

It’s actually quite good, and pretty handily disputes what much of the […]

Open Thread

New Report Finds “Drug Courts Are Not the Answer”

At two briefings on Capitol Hill today, the Drug Policy Alliance released a groundbreaking new report, Drug Courts are Not the Answer: Toward a Health-Centered Approach to Drug Use (, which finds that drug courts have not demonstrated cost savings, reduced incarceration, or improved public […]

Updates from the Commission on Narcotic Drugs

The UNODC likes to work in semi-secret, so you won’t see video or transcripts of their proceedings. The only real way to get a glimpse is through the fine live-blogging done by CND blog (a project of the International Harm Reduction Association).

These entries are paraphrases of what goes on in the sessions by a […]

Sweden? Really, Gil?

In one of the more absurd moves this administration has made regarding drug policy so far, the drug czar has chosen Sweden as a drug policy model for the U.S. to emulate.

Director Kerlikowske also highlighted both nations’ common experiences with drug use, and showcased Sweden’s successful balanced public health approach and opposition to drug […]

Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Today is the beginning of the 54th session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, Austria

The agenda appears to be more the same — administering and strengthening the destructive policies they’ve been following for half a century. I see Gil Kerlikowske got his pet project – drugged driving – added to the agenda […]

Drug cops lie

There’s a big scandal that’s been going on in San Francisco, regarding some drug busts in the Henry Hotel, and something surprising that happened. Apparently cops have been lying in court regarding how those busts went down.

That, of course, is not the surprising thing. It’s the fact that they got caught on video.

What […]