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February 2011



What’s wrong with Montana GOP?

I always thought that Montanans had quite the independent streak. They thumbed their noses at the Feds when it came to speed limits. They considered themselves kind of frontiersmen who didn’t need the government telling them everything. Their conservatism was really more closely related to a form of libertarianism, I thought.

That may be true […]

What’s with this obsession with messages?


Thousands of U.S. agents and local police officers arrested and interrogated suspected associates of Mexican drug cartels across the United States on Thursday in response to the killing of a U.S. anti-narcotics agent in Mexico last week. […]

DEA officials said the sweep netted more than 100 suspects – most of them low-level – […]

Another meeting I’d like to attend

Last week I talked about the powerful and well-written editorial in the Seattle Times…

MARIJUANA should be legalized, regulated and taxed. The push to repeal federal prohibition should come from the states, and it should begin with the state of Washington.

So what was the reaction to that editorial? Yesterday, the Times editorial page editor […]

Talk to your kids – PSA

Odds and Ends

A follow-up to the Michael Dearman piece at SMU, where he argued that drug users should note that they have blood on their hands (a useless argument since that can’t lead to practical change, whereas working toward legalization can).

Dearman has published a response piece to some of the criticism, saying that he was […]

A meeting I’d like to attend

I’m not big on going to meetings. I’d often prefer to skip them and get some work done. Here’s one I’d like to attend.

U.S. President Barack Obama will meet his Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderon next week at the White House, with talks expected to focus on Mexico’s ongoing drug war efforts, the White House […]

Value of needle exchanges accepted by U.S. government

The science has been clear on this for quite some time: needle exchange programs save lives, reduce the spread of HIV, and don’t cause any increase in drug use. It’s a real no-brainer, and it’s been bizarre that it’s taken the U.S. government so long to get on board, but they finally are.

White House […]

Thailand rounding up its own people into camps

Drug addicts in Thailand will be treated next week

The Ministry of Interior has picked next week to get all drug addicts across Thailand clean. Deputy Permanent Secretary for Interior Mr Surapong Pongtadsirikul has disclosed that there are approximately 30,000 drug addicts who have not been treated so far since the 3rd phase of the […]

What about the children?

How dare you harm that young child…

… by attempting to deny him the medicine that can help save his life.

When legalization is off the table, the only options left are Dumb and Dumberer

We have two pieces of evidence to offer, at two ends of the scale, from morons who can’t seem to grasp that legalization is actually a way to end the problems of the drug war, and so they reach deep inside themselves (apparently from the backside) to find a “solution.”

Exhibit 1: A Freshman at […]