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Morales ready to fight back

After U.S., Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark and Germany objected to Bolivia’s amendment yesterday, President Morales is making it clear that he’s not going to sit back and give up. Evo quiere presentar recurso para despenalizar el acullicu Someone with … Continue reading

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Gil Kerlikowske on the Drug War

from the Drug Czar’s “blog” These consultations, across the country and across government, helped highlight an important truth — that public safety isn’t the only thing threatened by drug use; drugs also pose an extremely complex and dynamic challenge to … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton on the Drug War

From an interview in Mexico QUESTION: Okay. In several occasion, you have recognized that the partial explanation to the violence in Mexico can be found in the elevated drug consumption and the tolerance towards arms selling in your country. The … Continue reading

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