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September 2010



We’re the government and we’re here to help you

bullet image Study shows cannabis relieves nerve pain. Gee. Yet another piece of science that will be ignored by our government.

bullet image CMA Journal Article Backs Drug Injection Site

An article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal slams the federal government for its efforts to shut down Insite in downtown Vancouver, Canada’s only safe injection site for drug addicts. […]

“We’ve concluded after reviewing the evidence that Insite is doing what it’s supposed to be doing, and furthermore that we’re very concerned that the federal government has misled on the science,” said Dr. Michael Rachlis, a professor of health policy at the University of Toronto.

Surprise, surprise. Another case where the activists have pushed for research and trials and the science has been rejected by a government.

bullet image Jeff Ackerman: Pot busts — Reading between the lines

I’ll bet a beer that most of you would have no problem finding a gin and tonic, if booze was illegal today.

Guys like Al Capone would see to that. Big Al, they say, was knocking down $60 million per year in the late 1920s from alcohol alone, during a period when our government brain trust decided the best way to get people to sober up was to pass an 18th Amendment banning the sale, transportation and manufacturing of alcohol in America.

Big Al wasn’t that smart, but he was smart enough to know a sucker when he saw one and Uncle Sam was the biggest sucker of all.

Unfortunately, Uncle Sam doesn’t learn from his mistakes…

My trusty MacBook Pro, which some of you helped me purchase, and which has been doing a wonderful job serving as my blogging platform for the last four years, has come down with a fatal hard drive failure. I’ve got it in to the shop in the hopes that I can keep it alive a while longer with a replacement hard drive. I still have access to other computers, but blogging is going to be a little less convenient than usual for a bit.

This is an open thread.

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