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December 2009
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Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg bake brownies

Video from NY Magazine is a little slow to load…

Update on Drug War Victim Jonathan Ayers

Jonathan Ayers was a pastor at the Shoal Creek Baptist Church. One of the people he had been helping was a woman who had a history of problems. One day he gave her a ride and talked to her to see how she was doing. She said she needed some help with back rent, and […]

Open Thread

Follow-up on the Ashley III Halsey story… As a reminder, Halsey reported, as the main point of his story, that a government study said something which it clearly did not. This is not a he-said-he-said situation, or something that’s open to interpretation. Either he was duped or he was lazy, but he clearly wrote […]

Can we have some science reporting with integrity, please?

There’s nothing like marijuana to completely unhinge the integrity of science reporting. Any study that reveals some bit of information that could be interpreted in a way that could lead in a direction of eventually showing harmful effects about marijuana is hyped as if it had been proved conclusively.

One of the things that is […]

More bad OpEds

You know you love ’em. You love to trash ’em. Sure, some of you complain that I even give space to these ravings, but I figure it’s part of our entertainment.

First up, from The Olympian in Washington is Jill Wellock with Marijuana Saps Initiative, Ambition and Responsibility

She starts out with the obligatory proof-by-example […]

For the ONDCP, lying is more than just a means to an end, it's a way of life

Ben Morris at MPP points out that the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy has updated their information to reflect new policy from the American Medical Association, while at the same time actually leaving out that new policy.

Check out their new quote:

The American Medical Association: “To help facilitate scientific research and […]

Happy Belated Birthday

It was Bill’s birthday yesterday, and I forgot to mention it. Mr. Rights was born (ratified) on December 15, 1791, making him… oh, pretty old now (you do the math). His mind is clear and sharp as a tack, but his body is on life support at the nursing home. He’s been mugged so many […]

Oh, no! Teens can read.

Dr. Nora Volkow, director of National Institute on Drug Abuse, regarding the recent Monitoring the Future survey:

The other things that are worrisome have to do with the indicators of attitudes. For example, in the case of marijuana, we have not seen any change. It’s sort of stable. The values are stable — they have […]

We're not in it for the short haul

We’ve had some good (and some volatile) discussions in comments recently, particularly over what constitutes drug policy reform and its end goals. This is quite healthy (as long as we avoid the name-calling). We have a number of people who frequent this site with different views both of our destination and our route to get […]

Drug Czar tries pathetic attempt at spin

It’s Monitoring the Future time again. That annual release of the study of teens and drug use, where the ONDCP goes to great lengths to cherry-pick the results to show:

The drug war is working. There are serious problems (not the result of the drug war) that require more drug war.

Smoking marijuana is becoming […]