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May 2009




I just got back a few hours ago from Chicago, where I am rehearsing a new show – The Living Canvas: Nocturne – which opens July 3 at National Pastime Theater. We’ve got an incredible cast and production team and the show is going to be amazing. Early tomorrow morning, I leave for New York, […]

Open Thread

“bullet” Jacob Sullum dismantles the Birth of a Cocaine Factoid — the supposed 5,000 cocaine deaths in 1912 — a figure often used to show how much better off we are with prohibition. “bullet” Ryan Grim at Huffington Post: Drug Czar’s Pot-Potency Claims Go Up In Smoke. Turns out the media didn’t examine that report […]

Illinois medical marijuana bill fast-tracked

Illinois residents – call your State Representative now (as in this morning). After the Illinois Senate narrowly passed SB 1381, the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, the House Human Services Committee voted in favor and immediately sent it out on the floor, so a House vote is likely to happen in the […]

Getting to know the new drug czar memes (and lies)

After 7+ years of John Walters, it’s been interesting to see what difference would come (in rhetoric, if nothing else) with a new drug czar. Kerlikowske hasn’t been on board that long, but some sense of the changes in emphasis are starting to show up. 1. Marijuana just isn’t part of the discussion. Not only […]

Medical marijuana passes Illinois Senate; head of drug task force thinks it’s a bad idea

Senate approves medical marijuana bill, sends it to House

A measure legalizing medical marijuana finally made it through the state Senate on Wednesday, but a major hurdle remains before it can become Illinois law. The Senate voted 30-28 for Senate Bill 1381, giving the measure right at the 30 ‘yes’ votes needed to pass. The […]

Democratic State Party passes resolution calling for legalization of marijuana.

The AP continues to write articles with the main point missing

Supreme Court gets one right


Sonia Sotomayor is to be nominated to replace Justice Souter on the Supreme Court. As far as I can tell, she seems to be a very capable choice. She is intelligent, worked hard to achieve what she has, and she has been a prosecutor, private litigator, trial judge, and appellate judge. I do not, however, […]

Fighting for the Right to Chew Coca

Like any independent country should have to fight for that right… Time Magazine has a pretty good article about the battle between the INCB/UN/US and the Andean nations who have used a natural and healthful plant for thousands of years — coca.

The latest affront, they say, is a recommendation this month from the UN’s […]