Democratic State Party passes resolution calling for legalization of marijuana.

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The Democratic Party Committee Abroad, otherwise known as Democrats Abroad, passed a resolution on April 25 recommending the legalization of marijuana in all 50 states.
The news appears to have gone completely unnoticed by all mainstream outlets.
The Democrats Abroad are considered a state party by the Democratic National Committee, which affords them eight elected, voting members. They help U.S. citizens who are traveling and living outside the United States cast ballots in national elections.

So yes, this is a legitimate state party within the Democratic National Committee, now on record for the legalization of marijuana. Here’s the resolution.

The Obama Administration has wisely stopped Federal prosecution of marijuana sold for medical purposes in a manner compliant with state regulation, thus alleviating the suffering of cancer patients and others who would benefit from medical marijuana.
Only thirteen states regulate the sale of marijuana for medical purposes.
Criminalization of non-medical uses of marijuana continues to contribute needlessly to organized crime at home and abroad, illicit drug trade, overburdening of the criminal justice system, and diverts valuable criminal justice resources away from more serious crimes.
The Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy heavily criticized U.S. drug policy and called on the U.S. to decriminalize marijuana in a report coinciding with increased drug-trade violence in Mexico;
The dominant argument against liberalized marijuana regulation, the gateway theory, has been consistently disproven, most recently by a RAND Corporation study commissioned by the British Parliament;
According to a World Health Organization survey conducted in 2008, the United States of America has the highest rates of marijuana use in the world.
In the Netherlands, where adult possession and purchase of small amounts of marijuana are allowed under a regulated system, the rate of marijuana use by both teenagers and adults is lower than in the U.S.
55% of Americans believe possession of small amounts of marijuana should not be a criminal offense, according to a 2005 Gallup poll.
In the U.S., almost 90% of more than 9.5 million marijuana-related arrests since 1995 were for simple possession š not manufacture or distribution.
We praise the Obama administration for its bold step to make marijuana available for medical purposes,
We call upon states that do not yet provide the reasonable regulation of medical marijuana to do so as soon as possible, to alleviate suffering wherever possible.
We recommend replacing the current policy of marijuana prohibition with a taxed and regulated system modeled on how alcohol is treated in the U.S.

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3 Responses to Democratic State Party passes resolution calling for legalization of marijuana.

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    i think weed should def be leagal! there is no proof that its unhealthy for you. it helps people who have an eating problem eat, it helps those with cancer, it makes you happy. when was the last time you heard a person getting in a car crash because they were high?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Girl i know your crazy. If you want less brain cells, knock yourself out. I’m glad it makes you happy but there are other things that can boost your dopamine levels to the same high. I fail to see the good points of legalization. just the facts are the cons outweigh the pros and legalization wont stop the war on drugs because marijuana is just a little gateway drug.

  3. Bar Fridge says:

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