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April 2008



Happy 75th Birthday, Willie


Lies and the lying liars…

There are so many ways to lie, and the drug czar knows them all. But it’s a game of sorts — his office likes to pretend they’re not really lying, that they’re… technically telling the truth. Usually they use the sleight of hand lie — unrelated or irrelevant statements intended to mislead

“Evidence now tells […]

The legalization of meat – an allegory

Someone approached me with a question:

We already have two legal meats in this country, beef and pork. And these have caused all sorts of problems with cholesterol, heart attacks and obesity. People like them too much, so we’ll probably never be able to get rid of them, but why should we add another dangerous […]

Open Thread

“bullet” Nice to see a college OpEd with some sense. “bullet” This is how the world looks when you are only able to perceive one side of things. Then the only question you can ask is how to make prohibition work and you are unaware that the word “whether” exists. “bullet” How dysfunctional is the […]

Excellent editorial against student drug testing

Hey, Testers, Leave Those Kids Alone

* If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. This is the single most odious line of reasoning ever concocted because it misses the point. People, including students, are not required to prove they’ve done nothing wrong.

Legalization discussion

There’s an extensive legalization comment thread over at Marginal Revolution. Some of the comments are quite uninformed, but there are a few reasoned individuals as well. It comes from a discussion of whether prohibition violence would really decrease with legalization (something we know for certain). Here’s the part that really gets surreal:

Under one model, […]

Normal, Illinois (updated)

Last night — just a typical Friday night college party in Normal, Illinois, with the police using knives to break into bedrooms without a warrant. They conducted a 3-hour search, but no drugs were found. I’m particularly fond of the officer’s gracious reply — “Shut up!” — after the student respectfully calls him “sir.” The […]

We want our ‘role models’ to lie

Link (Via Baylen) The next big scandal in sports comes from a statement made on radio by Dallas Mavericks forward Josh Howard. Howard explains:

“What I was stating was just [in response to] a random question he asked me about the marijuana use. I just let him know that most of the players in the […]

Did you get carried away and shoot 50 times at an unarmed man killing him? No problem.

The Sean Bell case ends up with acquittals on all charges. Apparently nobody did anything wrong.

Open Thread

“bullet” Action Alert: Contact your representatives and have them support the federal marijuana decriminalization bill. “bullet” Dust-up, Day 5: Drug Policy from Scratch. Stimson reaches deep into his rectum and pulls out the Nixon/Linkletter argument. “bullet” Drug Sense Weekly “bullet” “drcnet”