Lies and the lying liars…

There are so many ways to lie, and the drug czar knows them all. But it’s a game of sorts — his office likes to pretend they’re not really lying, that they’re… technically telling the truth.
Usually they use the sleight of hand lie — unrelated or irrelevant statements intended to mislead

  • Evidence now tells us that the higher-than-ever potency of today’s marijuana translates into serious health consequences for teens. Among teens who are receiving treatment for drug abuse or dependence, more than 60% report marijuana as their primary drug of abuse.”
  • Marijuana contains hundreds of carcinogens.

Two prime examples of the sleight of hand lie. The first one simply ignores the fact that most people in for marijuana treatment are there not because of any dependence, but because they were referred there by the criminal justice system. So the statistics have absolutely nothing to do with higher THC or addictive qualities of marijuana. The second is intended to imply that marijuana causes cancer (Since the largest study in the world — funded by the U.S. government — proved that there is no risk of lung cancer from smoking marijuana, Walters cannot come out and say that marijuana causes cancer, but he can use the sleight of hand lie.
And then there’s another kind of lie. Simply find someone so utterly and incredibly low that they don’t mind giving the obvious lies, and approvingly link to them.

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