We want our ‘role models’ to lie

Link (Via Baylen)
The next big scandal in sports comes from a statement made on radio by Dallas Mavericks forward Josh Howard. Howard explains:

“What I was stating was just [in response to] a random question he asked me about the marijuana use. I just let him know that most of the players in the league use marijuana and I have and do partake in smoking weed in the offseason sometimes and that’s my personal choice and my personal opinion. But I don’t think that’s stopping me from doing my job.”

He’s not using marijuana during the season, and he hasn’t flunked any drug tests.
So now the league and the press are scrambling to find how you punish someone for… um… telling the truth.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said before Friday’s game against the Hornets that any punishment from the club will be meted out “internally.”
“We won’t make it public,” Cuban said. “But we’ll deal with it.
“We’ll do what we need to do and deal with it internally and then that’s it.”

What really bugs them is that he is matter-of-fact and unrepentant about it.

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