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September 2007



Ditch these drug laws

Editorial in today’s New York Times (New Jersey Edition)

New Jersey is missing out on an excellent ( if necessarily incomplete ) remedy for its fiscal crisis. Sadly, the only reason is that the state’s elected officials have been too scared to touch it. The remedy is to change the state’s misguided drug laws. They […]

Open Thread

“bullet” Bizarre column of the week comes from Kyle Klavetter, Staff Writer of The University of Tulsa Collegian. Pot Lacks Purpose

But must the first steps on the road to recovering freedoms from the fount of Constitutional federalism make legalizing marijuana a salient point? […] America is a purposed nation. America serves God. The practical […]

Ron Paul – Repeal the Whole War on Drugs

Powerful video from the PBS Republican Presidential Debates. Via

Mass Incarceration in the United States: At What Cost?

Viriginia Senator Jim Webb has been concerned about the prison issue, but he doesn’t serve on the Judiciary Committee. However, he is on the Joint Economic Committee, so… On Thursday, October 4,

Joint Economic Committee to Examine Economic Costs of Surge in U.S. Prison Population and Possible Solutions Hearing on Costs of Mass Incarceration Called […]

Drug Czar: Sentient?

Whenever I report on some propaganda that’s so outrageously stupid that no sentient being could possibly credit it, there’s one sure place that it’ll turn up next… …the Drug Czar’s “blog”:

Marijuana: Harmless?

“CRIMINAL gangs are trafficking hundreds of children into Britain and forcing them to work in cannabis factories,

Could it be that the […]

Good Stuff

“bullet” TChris at TalkLeft on a much needed victory for the Fourth Amendment: Patriot Act Provision Declared Unconstitutional “bullet” And more Fourth Amendment good news….

A federal judge on Wednesday blocked a Michigan law that requires pedestrians under 21 to submit to a breath test without a search warrant. The American Civil Liberties Union, which […]

More super-silliness from across the pond

Why is it drug warriors in Britain seem to lose all capability of reason when it comes to cannabis? Here’s the latest in sensationalist reporting on cannabis (also reported here)

Child-trafficking gangs force kids to work in cannabis factories CRIMINAL gangs are trafficking hundreds of children into Britain and forcing them to work in cannabis […]

Drug War side effect – low crime clearance rates

Some time ago, I wrote about a compelling bit of criminal justice reporting by Scott Christianson related to crime clearance rates — the percentages of violent crimes and property crimes that are solved through arrest or other means. Scott Henson at Grits for Breakfast applies Christianson’s analysis to current dismal clearance rates and the recent […]

Open Thread

“bullet” Canada Backs Call to Step Up Fight Against Afghan Drugs — Some sane voices in this article. Unfortunately, not the ones making the decisions. “bullet” Obama is So Bad on Drug Policy, He Got Endorsed By Prison Guards – Scott Morgan “bullet” The Federal War on Medical Marijuana Becomes a War on Children

But […]

Record High Marijuana Arrests