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July 2007



Commercial locksmith?

So the feds had another massive raid yesterday serving a warrant…

Federal law enforcement agents raided […] home in Girdwood on Monday, hauling off undisclosed items from inside and taking extensive pictures and video. […] Neighbors said agents showed up between 11 a.m. and noon and that a commercial locksmith was called to open the […]

The bizarre need for the press to giggle about pot

When the media isn’t demonizing marijuana, the best they often can do is snicker at it. They love to make “funny” comments about pot — it’s like it’s their chance to be… cool? Well I think I’ve found a candidate for The Longest Stretch to Make a Pot Joke in an Article award. It’s Gareth […]

Open thread

“bullet” I have often said that the leadership in the African American community need to speak up more against the drug war. Well, here’s the Reverend Jesse Jackson. “bullet” Earl Ofari Hutchinson speaks out in Pleas on Larry King for Lohan, But What About Other Drug Offenders? “bullet” Radley Balko has an update on the […]

More bad reporting

It really is pathetic the way the drug czar is forced to look for damaged goods in the press to get excited about in its “blog.” The latest?

More reporting from the UK’s Independent newspaper on this serious issue: “A poll of more than 50 of the world’s leading authorities on drugs and mental health […]

Deep Thoughts

The occasion of my fourth blogiversary naturally sets me to thinking about what I do on this blog, and what I might be doing in the future here. Of course, it’s a relatively stress-free analysis. After all, I am a blogger. I have no boss. I am not subject to the wishes of a Board […]

Open Thread

What happens to your mind when you smoke some bad reporting

Four years

Today Drug WarRant turns four years old. Four years ago today, I started this blog with the notion of maybe posting something once a week or so. 2,378 posts and 1.7 million page views later, I guess it’s fair to say that this is an important part of me. It’s unfortunate that Drug WarRant’s blogiversary […]

Propaganda entry

Oh, this one is a gem — it comes from Fiona Macrae and Emily Andrews in the Daily Mail (UK). The headline:

Smoking just one cannabis joint raises danger of mental illness by 40%

The Anslinger elements are astonishing. Note the certainty of health danger, the promotion of increased criminalization, and…. YES! We have maniac […]

Look how far we’ve come

My very first post as a blogger, back on July 27, 2003, was about an amendment to get the federal government out of states’ medical marijuana laws, sponsored by Maurice Hinchey. Back then, I marveled at such nonsense as this from John Mica:

“We also heard here that the medical use of marijuana will relieve […]