Propaganda entry

Oh, this one is a gem — it comes from Fiona Macrae and Emily Andrews in the Daily Mail (UK).
The headline:

Smoking just one cannabis joint raises danger of mental illness by 40%

The Anslinger elements are astonishing. Note the certainty of health danger, the promotion of increased criminalization, and…. YES! We have maniac marijuana killers!!!

A single joint of cannabis raises the risk of schizophrenia by more than 40 per cent, a disturbing study warns.
The Government-commissioned report has also found that taking the drug regularly more than doubles the risk of serious mental illness.
Overall, cannabis could be to blame for one in seven cases of schizophrenia and other life-shattering mental illness, the Lancet reports.
The grim statistics – the latest to link teenage cannabis use with mental illness in later life – come only days after Gordon Brown ordered a review of the decision to downgrade cannabis to class C, the least serious category.
The Prime Minister is said to have a ‘personal instinct’ that the change should be reversed, with more arrests and stiffer penalties for users.
Cannabis has been implicated in a string of vicious killings, including the recent stabbing of fashion designer Lucy Braham.

Take special note of the picture with the caption:

Prolific cannabis user and killer: William Jaggs


[Thanks, Greg]
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