Open thread

“bullet” I have often said that the leadership in the African American community need to speak up more against the drug war. Well, here’s the Reverend Jesse Jackson.
“bullet” Earl Ofari Hutchinson speaks out in Pleas on Larry King for Lohan, But What About Other Drug Offenders?
“bullet” Radley Balko has an update on the death of innocent Issac Singletary at the hands of cops for protecting his own property.
“bullet” Bill Conroy has coverage and questions about corruption and the disappearance of federal funds in the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) program.
“bullet” And now for something completely different: DEAsy Pickings. Operation Low-Hanging Fruit, indeed.
If you’re looking for more news, check out The Speakeasy — They’ve got a number of good posts there.

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