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February 2006
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Supreme Court rules in favor of religious use of hoasca tea

Via TalkLeft (and thanks, Daksya) In a unanimous decision (without Alito participating), the judges ruled that the government could not prevent the Uniao do Vegetal (UDV) church from utilizing ayahoasca (which contains the hallucinogenic substance DMT).

In their first religious freedom decision under Chief Justice John Roberts, the justices moved decisively to keep the government […]

A time bomb on our border


From Mexican voters, in a poll for The Dallas Morning News, Al Dia and El Universal:

93 percent say drug trafficking is a serious problem in Mexico, spreading from border cities to other parts of the country. 81 percent say the United States contributes to the drug-trafficking problems. 64 percent say Mexican federal police […]

US and Bolivia’s Morales reach an agreement

This is a bit of a surprise:

Morales and his vice president, Alvaro Garcia Linera, held a long meeting over the weekend in Government House with U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia David Greenlee to discuss the anti-drug policy to be implemented by Bolivia’s new government. President Morales whose political background is closely linked to the union […]

More overkill at The Agitator

“bullet” Radley’s got the story and partial video of a bizarre 70-90 officer SWAT drug raid conducted on the Rack n’ Roll Billiards Club under the guise of an Alcohol Beverage Control inspection (therefore warrantless). Three were arrested for drug charges: one, and undercover cop, was released; the other two were apparently police informants. “bullet” […]