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February 2006
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Julian Sanchez is blogging at CPAC

Professional virgin Ben Shapiro just strolled by talking about his highly nuanced position on the war on drugs: “People who use marijuana piss me off, so I support their prosecution.” Which seems more or less consistent with his general philosophy.

Hit them in the pocketbook

Flex Your Rights blog has the info on 87 women who were illegally searched for drugs at O’Hare airport. They’ll be receiving a $1.9 million settlement.

At airports, only “reasonable suspicion” is necessary to justify brief detentions and searches, but even this minimal evidentiary standard couldn’t explain why it was always Black women getting pulled […]

How do these people get elected?

Link (thanks to Matt) OK, here’s the smart, reasonable public official who knows how to set priorities:

Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek, who oversees the University of Iowa in Iowa City, told a legislative committee he would treat possession of small amounts of marijuana like a traffic violation, allowing hundreds of students arrested each year […]

Which war should we be fighting?


More Americans (some 575,000) died of cancer last year than perished in all our last centuries’ wars combined, but why no anger? We should be angry. We went to war against cancer 35 years ago and haven’t won.

President Nixon declared War on Cancer in his 1971 State of the Union speech, perhaps to […]

Drug War Budget Follies

So the Drug Czar went to Denver to announce the new National Drug Control Strategy. Gee, I wonder why he went there? Marijuana Policy Project was all over that move…

White House Drug Strategy: Use Tax Dollars to Campaign Against Reform

Document Continues Failed Policies as Officials Lobby Against Common-Sense Reforms, MPP Charges