How do these people get elected?

Link (thanks to Matt)
OK, here’s the smart, reasonable public official who knows how to set priorities:

Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek, who oversees the University of Iowa in Iowa City, told a legislative committee he would treat possession of small amounts of marijuana like a traffic violation, allowing hundreds of students arrested each year to graduate without a criminal record.

“The guy that’s carrying 50 bales of marijuana … that’s a different animal,” Pulkrabek said, adding he favored rounding up intoxicated people in a locked “detox center” in lieu of the crowded jail.

Reasonable, right?
Then comes the politician…

But Republican legislator Clel Baudler, a former state trooper, shot down the notion as sending the wrong message to drug users and abusers.

“We could simplify law enforcement’s job if we didn’t have rock concerts. We could simplify their job a lot quicker if we just didn’t have football games there where we arrest hundreds of drunks over the weekend.” Baudler said.

We could simplify our lives if we rounded up all legislators like Baudler and put them away where they can’t hurt anyone.

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