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October 2005



Fighting Drug Abuse Requires Ending Prohibition

A nice little overview article at About by Andrew Somers is now online: How do we end the War on Drugs?. The recommendations:

End the black market by ending prohibition. Regulate the manufacture, sale, and distribution of soft substances using the alcohol model. Use taxation, and spread the revenues so generated to education and treatment […]

Read The Agitator

Radley Balko’s got a ton of excellent posts right now about the horrors of the drug war: “bullet” Because what we need is more killing

In April of this year, the Pinellas County, Florida SWAT team tossed three flash-bang grenades into a home suspected of nonviolent drug offenses. The devices woke up and startled one […]

We refuse to learn

Surging Mexican violence draws comparisons to Colombia.

In describing the surging drug violence along the U.S.-Mexico border and elsewhere in Mexico, Flores and other law enforcement officials and analysts are increasingly referring to Colombia, where the Medellin drug cartel and other criminal organizations waged war on the government and killed hundreds of people during the […]

LEAP is on a roll

Another good article about prohibition — Law officers calling for end to ‘war against drugs’ by Lisa Hoffman with Scripps Howard News Service, which has been picked up by a few media outlets. Again, this features members of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition who are doing an incredible job of getting the message out there. This […]

In your face, Karen Tandy

Via Cannabis News, Marijuana less cancerous than tobacco. This United Press International article by Steve Mitchell, Senior Medical Correspondent, reports what we had a preview of before — that this whole business of prohibitionists touting that marijuana has higher numbers of carcinogens is irrelevant. The truth is that marijuana use does not increase your risk […]

Lester Grinspoon at Mother Jones

A very nice interview with Dr. Lester Grinspoon at Mother Jones today. He talks about Marinol, Sativex, medical marijuana and the contrary pressures from pharmaceutical companies and patients regarding the legalization of marijuana. One of the most interesting parts: he often talks with medical marijuana patients who are concerned about flunking work drug tests — […]

Man tasered 19 times, medical examiner not sure of cause of death

Link From what I can tell, 21 year old Patrick Lee was tasered up to 19 times, plus police used pepper spray and other “physical force.” Two days later, he died of cardiac arrest.

Blood testing at the hospital revealed the presence of both marijuana and LSD in Lee’s system.

“Mr. Lee’s death is a […]

Marijuana Arrests at Record High


Police arrested an estimated 771,608 persons for marijuana violations in 2004, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s annual Uniform Crime Report, released today. The total is the highest ever recorded by the FBI, and comprised 44.2 percent of all drug arrests in the United States.

“These numbers belie the myth that police […]

Conference in Hartford

Trinity College in Hartford, CT is hosting a drug conference this Friday and Saturday, organized by City Councilman Robert Painter. (See article in the Hartford Courant.) While the blurb on the conference page…

The conference is organized to bring law enforcement groups; state agencies; state and city representatives; and national experts with creative talent, to […]


Let those dopers be by former police chief Norm Stamper, in today’s LA Times. This is a must read. It is also a must-send, to all your discussion lists, to your friends. A bold plan for the legalization of all drugs (with which I agree in almost all particulars) boldly stated by a law enforcement […]