Conference in Hartford

Trinity College in Hartford, CT is hosting a drug conference this Friday and Saturday, organized by City Councilman Robert Painter. (See article in the Hartford Courant.)
While the blurb on the conference page…

The conference is organized to bring law enforcement groups; state agencies; state and city representatives; and national experts with creative talent, to meet the drug scourge head on.

… would lead you to believe that this is the same old one-sided “How can we make prohibition work better” conference, the reality is much more interesting.
Look at some of the people who they’ve invited to speak and lead sessions:

There’s also representatives from the Department of Justice, DEA, local police, a variety of social agencies, treatment centers, etc.
This is an amazingly impressive job by one community to really hear all the sides.
Could this be one more indication that, as a country, we’re breaking through that block, and starting to allow the public discussion of prohibition alternatives?

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