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Radley Balko’s got a ton of excellent posts right now about the horrors of the drug war:
“bullet” Because what we need is more killing

In April of this year, the Pinellas County, Florida SWAT team tossed three flash-bang grenades into a home suspected of nonviolent drug offenses. The devices woke up and startled one resident of the home, 3 year-old Kamau Walker. Shortly thereafter, cops put three bullets into the back of Kamau’s father, Jarell Walker, as he lay prostrate on the ground, killing him. Cops contend Walker was reaching under the couch for a gun, though the only gun found was hidden in the cushions of a couch on the other side of the room. Eleven months earlier, St. Petersburgh police (also in Pinellas County) put 14 bullets into the truck of 17 year-old Marquell McCullough, killing him. Cops later conceded they had pursued the wrong man.

Outrage ensued. A new policy has been issued this week. It’s worse.
“bullet” Militarizing Mayberry
SWAT teams in a town with a population of 2,701? Madness!
“bullet” Militarizing Mayberry Ct’d
Lawsuit filed against drug task force for terrorising two women over a hunt for marijuana. Good.
“bullet” Wrong House
“bullet” Wrong House Part II
“bullet” Wrong House Part III (a follow-up on the Bel-Aire, Kansas Sunflower Debacle)
“bullet” Painkillers
The DEA’s war on pain relief is especially damaging to low-income areas.

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