Man tasered 19 times, medical examiner not sure of cause of death

From what I can tell, 21 year old Patrick Lee was tasered up to 19 times, plus police used pepper spray and other “physical force.” Two days later, he died of cardiac arrest.

Blood testing at the hospital revealed the presence of both marijuana and LSD in Lee’s system.

“Mr. Lee’s death is a tragedy we should all learn from,” [medical examiner Bruce] Levy said. “Mr. Lee’s death is also a sober reminder of the dangers of the abuse of illegal controlled drugs.”

Ah, yes, it was the “presence” (no idea how much) of drugs that caused Lee’s excited delirium, which led to his death. Not the 19 tasers.
I’ve also heard that aspirin will kill you if you take a couple and walk in front of a bus.

[Thanks to scottp]
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