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October 2005



Go read

I’m wiped out from rehearsals and work right now, so go read some great stuff. “bullet” Nice to see Radley’s work getting some coverage. Go read his excellent article on pain/prohibition victim Richard Paey, picked up by CBS. “bullet” At The Agitator, read Militarizing Mayberry. Another suspicious shooting from a drug raid. This time, the […]

Moreon FBI’s change of hiring policy

This USA Today editorial agreed with the recent FBI decision to re-think whether they could accept job applicants who had used drugs at some time in the past…

almost 100 million Americans — nearly half of all adults — have used marijuana at least once, according to the latest National Institute on Drug Abuse survey. […]

Technology bites cop

Police who are in the business of going for drug seizures on the highways need some justification for pulling over a car they want to check out. Officer Joe Brown apparently thought he’d come up with a new one, now that many areas outlaw driving while talking on a cell phone. But…

Investigator Joseph W. […]

Asa Hutchinson gets it half right

Former director of the DEA Asa Hutchinson is running for Governor of Arkansas. In this article, he starts off on the right track:

“Past drug offenses should not automatically disqualify someone for student aid,” Hutchinson, a candidate for governor, told the Arkansas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. The group met in a fall conference […]

Supreme Court?

Truth Laid Bear is putting out a call to bloggers to take a stand on Miers, so here’s mine:

I am neutral on the Miers nomination.

Not much of a stand, I realize, but here are my reasons:

I’d like to see what actually happens in the confirmation process, on the off-chance that we might […]

You cannot waive my rights

Via TChris at TalkLeft comes this:

The [Connecticut State Supreme] court ruled 3-2 that opposition to a search by one resident invalidates permission granted by another, which is contrary to most case law on the issue nationwide. Defense lawyers predict the ruling will be troublesome for police, and could apply not only to attempted searches […]

Small Town Texas Justice

For a fascinating, yet disturbing weekend read, check out Crackpot Crackdown by Jordan Smith in yesterday’s Austin Chronicle.

Jackson County’s DA Has Convicted 28 Black People on Drug Charges Via Manufactured Evidence and Railroaded Trials. Now a Small-Town Exile, Her Family, and a Few Neighbors Are Fighting Back

It’s a story of racism, a district […]

Dept. of Justice Prison Report

The new Department of Justice US Prison Population report (pdf) is to be released tomorrow. Here are some of the key figures in the report (thanks to Common Sense for Drug Policy, and jackl): State Prison Inmates in 2002:

21.4% were drug offenders — 265,000 out of 1,237,500. 31.5% of all women in state prison […]

On recent deletions

At Drug WarRant, I always welcome those who have opposing viewpoints. In fact, it’s often refreshing to have someone actually have the guts to debate us about drug policy reform. (Note how recently we had a discussion that went on for hundreds of posts with “Jake.”) So I feel the need to explain why I […]

Jury Duty

Earlier this year, I mentioned Jeff Trigg’s experience with jury duty, and how telling the truth (that he believed in the principle of jury nullification) caused him to be excused. (Parts 1, 2, and 3 ) Now Baylen Linnekin has gone through a similar experience in being called for jury duty for a drug case. […]