Moreon FBI’s change of hiring policy

This USA Today editorial agreed with the recent FBI decision to re-think whether they could accept job applicants who had used drugs at some time in the past…

almost 100 million Americans — nearly half of all adults — have used marijuana at least once, according to the latest National Institute on Drug Abuse survey. Only a tiny percentage became stoners and slackers. The vast majority became responsible adults. Some even became members of Congress, Supreme Court justices and president of the United States (albeit without inhaling).[…]

FBI managers are frustrated that they’re unable to hire otherwise qualified intelligence analysts, linguists and other professionals because of the bureau’s policy about past drug use. (Candidates to become special agents would still be subject to the existing rules, FBI spokesman Stephen Kodak says.)

Minor recreational drug use by the young is simply a fact of life and shouldn’t be a barrier to employment or appointment to government jobs.

It’s an obviously logical policy change that anyone with half a brain could see immediately makes perfect sense. The FBI is an important agency, and you don’t want to limit your talent pool unnecessarily.
I mean, you’d really have to find an outright moron to oppose this…
Enter Mark Souter with his rebuttal.

Among the thousands of applicants, are there so few who have not broken the law? One wonders what it is about repeat drug abusers that the FBI thinks it needs. […]

It is incredible that the FBI seems dedicated to lowering its own standards. We need our best and brightest, now more than ever.

Only a moron would believe that giving the FBI a wider pool of applicants would result in a lowering of standards. And that’s what we have Mark around for.
Of course, this also fits Mark’s profile as a sado-moralist. He hates the notion of someone using drugs responsibly and not getting punished for it.

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