Supreme Court?

Truth Laid Bear is putting out a call to bloggers to take a stand on Miers, so here’s mine:

I am neutral on the Miers nomination.

Not much of a stand, I realize, but here are my reasons:

  1. I’d like to see what actually happens in the confirmation process, on the off-chance that we might learn something about her.
  2. I have to look at this specifically from the perspective of drug policy, and it’s really hard to anticipate how a future justice will rule in these areas (take a look at the schizophrenic if not psychotic behavior of the justices in Raich). TalkLeft has said some encouraging things about her regarding criminal justice on one side — her apparent loyalty to the executive branch is a potential downside. Everybody else wants to see how she’ll vote on abortion — I want to know what she thinks of the fourth amendment.
  3. So far, the Miers nomination has been quite entertaining, and I’d hate to see it end.
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