Go read

I’m wiped out from rehearsals and work right now, so go read some great stuff.
“bullet” Nice to see Radley’s work getting some coverage. Go read his excellent article on pain/prohibition victim Richard Paey, picked up by CBS.
“bullet” At The Agitator, read Militarizing Mayberry. Another suspicious shooting from a drug raid. This time, the press is looking into it.
“bullet” Good stuff to read at Last One Speaks.
“bullet” Via Scott, this editorial in the Denver Post (sort of a “we’ve got to change the laws, but a local initiative’s not the way to go, and it’s been run poorly” editorial). I disagree with most of their conclusions, but there are some interesting questions raised. What do you think? (I hope to have a discussion soon about the creative and controversial billboards and advertisements being used in that campaign.)

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