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August 2005



Bush solves drug war failures in Colombia


CRAWFORD, Texas, Aug 4 (Reuters) – U.S. President George W. Bush pledged on Thursday to sustain funding for Colombia’s fight against drugs and violence even as a senior State Department official said Washington would like to reduce its anti-narcotics aid.


“And we’ll ask the Congress to sustain our commitment to follow-on programs for […]

Is Dennis Hastert a stooge for Drug Cartels?

I’ve got to take a moment to gloat… Back in September, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert made some outrageous inferences that George Soros got his money from drug cartels. Not only was it outrageous, but it made no sense, and I made that clear in this post…

If a “drug group” is going to […]

When police believe they own you

Via comes a disturbing article. Now at this point it’s charges and denials in a lawsuit, and I have no way to verify what actually happened, but if the charges in the lawsuit are true… Jason Burnham, age 34, was distraught after the death of his 9-month-old daughter in 2002, and carried her ashes […]

Wars and Rumours of Wars

It seems like just last week that I reported that the War on Terror was over. However, the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism was extremely short-lived, and now the War on Terror has returned. In other news, the War on Drugs remains…. stupid.

This just pisses me off

It’s not enough that the feds go after drug users and dealers. They’ve got to invent crimes and then go out and destroy people who are trying to do their jobs and be good citizens. First, they came after the makers of glass pipes in Operation Pipe Dreams. Then they try to break up good […]

Ditch Judge

OK, this is pretty funny. Here’s a case where it seems there was sufficient probable cause (and a driver that shouldn’t be on the road), despite an attempt by the defense to claim that there wasn’t a competent expert to identify the marijuana at the arrest. But get this statement from Watertown City Court Judge […]