This just pisses me off

It’s not enough that the feds go after drug users and dealers. They’ve got to invent crimes and then go out and destroy people who are trying to do their jobs and be good citizens.
First, they came after the makers of glass pipes in Operation Pipe Dreams.
Then they try to break up good families, business people and parents, because of marijuana offences in the distant past.
Then they go after doctors who are trying to heal people for prescribing pain medicine to people in pain.
Now they’ve got this thing called Operation Meth Merchant that has bizarrely managed to arrest 32 Indians named Patel for working at convenience stores, following the law, but just not quite understanding the Engliish drug slang used by the undercover cops.
Read the New York Times story (via TalkLeft)
What convenience clerk would ever pay attention to the dregs of humanity that show up to buy stuff in the middle of the night? Now, the court had to be told that “cook” is slang for making meth, and yet these foreign convenience clerks were arrested for “knowing” that these undercover cops (by the sole nature of them using the term “cook” in conversation) were going to make meth.
This is beyond pathetic. We have a criminal federal government.

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