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August 2005



Over 2 million teens about to die!

Via Jacob Sullum at Hit and Run… The government’s new “cool” anti-meth web site prominently links to Meth is Death, which lists these “facts”:

1 in 7 high school students will try meth. 99 percent of first-time meth users are hooked after just the first try. Only 5 percent of meth addicts are able to […]

Gonzales and Tandy show off in Operation CYA

So it’s been about a month since the administration got raked over the coals by some representatives for not spending enough time dealing with meth, and it got picked up in the media. Just enought time to come up with a catchy operation name, whip up a fancy logo, and tell all the drug task […]

Information on the Utah Rave attack

Keep up with the latest at Music Versus Guns (new site to deal with this attack), and UTRave (message board).

God help us from the so-called moralists

Drug warrior Robert Charles has an Op-Ed in today’s Washington Times. He spouts a lot of random nonsense that has absolutely no meaning at all, and then makes this suggestion:

As Afghanistan staggers under a heroin trade that could end democracy, why not go to the heart of the problem and find common ground? Why […]



President Hugo Chavez said Sunday that his government may ask the United States to extradite U.S. religious broadcaster Pat Robertson to Venezuela for suggesting American agents should kill him.

[Note: Robertson made the threat after Chavez kicked out the DEA for spying.] There’s a reasonably good argument that there’s sufficient reason to consider Pat […]

Blind spot

Shorter Mark A.R. Kleiman

Jack Shafer is dangerous and wrong, and I’m going to prove it by completely agreeing with every point that he makes.

How bizarre. Jack Shafer says that crack was a problem and that meth is a problem, but we don’t help the problem by over-hyping. Mark Kleiman says that Shafer is […]


Well, I just finished my six-weekend run of my show in Chicago. Was pretty busy over the past couple of days with strike and everything. Looks like a lot of interesting stuff happened in the past two days. “bullet” Grits for Breakfast has the report on how the states do in incarcerating marijuana smokers. Unsurprisingly, […]

Burying a child is always painful…

At New Haven Register: Family wants answers after man’s death in SWAT raid

Since his 23-year-old son, Anthony, was laid to rest Aug. 13, Andrew Diotaiuto has returned repeatedly to his grave at North Haven’s All Saints Cemetery.

He sometimes makes two or three trips a day from his home in East Haven.

Burying a […]

Over 8 years for less than 2 ounces

Via TalkLeft comes Reefer Madness in the 8th Circuit by Doug Berman.

The defendant in Chauncey, as a result of a criminal history leading to his classification as a career offender, received a sentence of 100 months after being convicted of possessing with intent to distribute less than two ounces of marijuana. According to Judge […]

The permit issue continues

The Provo Daily Herald discusses the permit issue for the attacked Utah rave. Why it took until today for this detail in reporting to be achieved is beyond me.

While the debate rages over the level of force police used to quell a party Saturday in Spanish Fork Canyon, the crucial legal question has shifted. […]