God help us from the so-called moralists

Drug warrior Robert Charles has an Op-Ed in today’s Washington Times. He spouts a lot of random nonsense that has absolutely no meaning at all, and then makes this suggestion:

As Afghanistan staggers under a heroin trade that could end democracy, why not go to the heart of the problem and find common ground? Why not build on the absolute moral overlap between Sharia Law’s opposition to heroin and our own moral opposition to drugs and drug-funded terrorism?

In one way, he’s right. There is common ground between the drug war moralists in this country and some of the extremism that can come from Sharia. Both would rather punish drug users than actually consider drug policy that might work.
Is this what we’re fighting for? So our extremists can unite with their extremists to impose a warped moral judgement on the rest of us?
Oh, and by the way, Robert Charles is lying. As he full well knows,

Drugs don’t fund terrorism, prohibition does.

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