Well, I just finished my six-weekend run of my show in Chicago. Was pretty busy over the past couple of days with strike and everything. Looks like a lot of interesting stuff happened in the past two days.
“bullet” Grits for Breakfast has the report on how the states do in incarcerating marijuana smokers. Unsurprisingly, Texas has the lead.
“bullet” Libby at Last One Speaks compliments me, and then proceeds to show me up with a bunch of great posts. Go read. Including:
“bullet” AARP piece on the DEA’s war on pain relief.
“bullet” Tierney does it again. Marijuana Pipe Dreams

D.E.A. officials have already shown they’re quite capable of persecuting someone who uses marijuana to deal with AIDS, and they may well be even more eager to go after someone who encourages research into their least favorite drug. When it comes to marijuana research, the federal policy is “Just Say Know-Nothing.”

“bullet” Surprise. Surprise. (Via Radley Balko.) Newsweek declares Colombia a Failed ‘Plan’
“bullet” Liberals used to care? Jacob Sullum notes:

The drug policy scholar Harry Levine has done some digging in The New Republic’s new online archive and uncovered evidence that liberals used to get upset about marijuana arrests. For those of us who have become accustomed to a New Republic whose editors are at best indifferent to the injustices perpetrated in the name of a Drug-Free Society, even as annual marijuana arrests have reached record levels, these reminders of a time when they cared about such things are poignant.
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