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September 2004



Check out Decrimwatch

New to the drug policy blogs… decrimwatch

Keeping an eye on cannabis decrimiminalization news, particularly in Chicago

What did you do in the War, Daddy?

I chased criminal plants. I tore up fields of hemp. … I started a war to repress the people of Bolivia and Columbia … I contributed to the loss of Bill of Rights for all Americans … I turned some neighborhoods into shooting gallerys where armed bands fought over marketing rights in various territories. […]


I’ll start watching debates when they’re ready to talk seriously about drug policy. Odds are, that won’t happen. Let me know if I’m wrong. I’ll be coming out with my endorsement and analysis of the Presidential race sometime in October so watch for it. I’ll also be working on more […]

Reefer Madness in the Houston Press

Thanks to Scott (of course), comes this amazing piece in the Houston Press. It’s a five (web) page article on medical marijuana by Michael Serazio called Reefer Madness. I’m just going to quote extensively from it (although this is still just a brief taste of the article). Along with the tape from the Montel show, […]

Felon Disenfranchisement

Flash animation at Drug Policy Alliance. Go watch.

Record Cocaine Seizure

Via Vice Squad comes news that the US Coast Guard has seized 56,000 pounds in two recent interdictions.

Total amount of cocaine seized by the DEA since 1986: over 1,000 tons. The degree to which that has reduced availability: approximately 0.

[Also see Happy Furry Puppy Time with Norbizness]


Eat some hemp. It’s good for you.

DEA’s Failed Battle To Ban Hemp Food is Over

San Francisco — Three years after the Bush administration tried to ban food products made with hemp, the government surrendered that front in the war on drugs, attorneys for the hemp industry said Monday.

The Justice Department, these attorneys say, will not challenge a federal appeals […]

Is Chicago proposal elevating the debate?

I expressed some misgivings regarding the proposal in Chicago to switch to fines for marijuana possession. It’s in the Tribune again today (an interesting article) and reader Brian suggests:

Consider the number of new articles about what a waste of resources it is to prosecute pot charges let alone trying to enforce them. I wonder […]

Four more voting guides

Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, and Kansas are now complete, bringing the total to 15 states. I’ve still got a ways to go to get them all done before the election, but I’m plugging away. The interesting story this time is the Libertarians in Arizona and Kansas. Without the Libertarian Party in those states, I’d have been […]

Freedom March shut down

Alabama Marijuana Party’s Loretta Nall spoke on Saturday on the steps of the Alabama State Capital as part of a Freedom March, to focus attention on Alabama’s Habitual Offender law, harsh drug laws and prison overcrowding. A small, but enthusiastic crowd apparently reacted very well to the speeches, at least until the cops came and […]