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July 2004



More stupid drug task force tricks

In the HoustonChronicle (via FARK):

Landscape contractor Blair Davis was in his northwest Harris County home around 2 p.m. Tuesday when there was a knock at his door.

Davis said he hadn’t even gotten his hand on the doorknob when it flew open and he was looking at the barrel of a pistol.

Behind […]

Government, upset that marijuana is harmless, tries to make it lethal

Harrison Bergeron, the drug company version

Keep the kids doped up and avoid pesky thoughts and feelings. Ritalin, Prozac, and now… From The Independent (via Last One Speaks)

A radical scheme to vaccinate children against future drug addiction is being considered by ministers, The Independent on Sunday can reveal. Under the plans, doctors would immunise children at risk of becoming […]

Drug Tax Stamps – bump and update

Drug WarRant is One Year Old!

One year ago today, I ventured forth in the land of blogs, thinking that I’d maybe write a post per week or so about the drug war. Considering this is post 497, I think I overshot my plans. It’s been a very full year, and seems longer. I had a reader, in fact, assure me […]

Reading elsewhere

My show opened last night. It went extremely well, with a modest, but enthusiastic audience. Looking at a full house tonight (it’s running until August 28, so you have plenty of chances to see it). So while I’m in Chicago, I’ve got a little time this afternoon to catch up on drug news. (Nothing like […]

The Drug Czar outdoes himself on the radio

A big thanks to Scott, who sent me this surreal segment of a radio program. It’s a talk show in Canada (Bill Wood Show?) that was being guest hosted by Peter Warren. And the guest on July 19 was our own U.S. Minister of Disinformation — the Drug Czar John Walters himself. Naturally, Walters prattled […]

Scientists Sue Federal Government for Blocking Medical Marijuana Research

Reported at Common Dreams with a related version on AP wire.

WASHINGTON – July 20 – In a pair of federal lawsuits to be filed on Wednesday, July 21, researchers charge the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, and National Institute on Drug Abuse with obstructing […]

Good stuff at Mediacrapola

As I mentioned before, Brazil has been working toward getting back in the fun and adventurous business of shooting down planes — adventurous because you never know when you might hit one full of missionaries with a bad radio. Martin over at Mediacrapola notes that Brazil has now cleared the legal hurdles and only has […]

Joel Miller knows the truth.

Joel keeps getting me to link to his new book, but it’s worth it. His latest article at World News Daily titled “Kill zone” is excellent and draws more material from his new book. The article deals with victims of the drug war, many of whom I’ve discussed on my Drug War Victims page. […]