Good stuff at Mediacrapola

As I mentioned before, Brazil has been working toward getting back in the fun and adventurous business of shooting down planes — adventurous because you never know when you might hit one full of missionaries with a bad radio.
Martin over at Mediacrapola notes that Brazil has now cleared the legal hurdles and only has to wait 90 more days to start pumping hot lead into suspected drug planes. Check out Martin’s take on it.
Martin also saw, and comments on this horrendous piece from Reuters (or a version of it). Talk about Media Crapola! Vice Squad had a reaction as well.
What’s wrong with the article? Well, let me just mention a couple of little items:
Headline: Stronger pot may lead to reefer madness
And in the body:

Pot is no longer the gentle weed of the 1960s and may pose a greater threat than cocaine or even heroin…

The author, Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent for Reuters, has a boss, whose email address is
I wrote him. It’s easy. Why don’t you write him as well? Politely, of course.
Then again, some people liked the article.

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