No one deserves jail for having a psychedelic experience

The City of Berkeley wants to decriminalize tripping:

A project to decriminalize natural psychedelics that lingered for three years in the Berkeley City Council will come back to life in a few weeks. But unlike other jurisdictions that have taken steps to chip away at the national and state ban on psychedelics, Berkeley is about to consider an even broader proposal: one that could make it the first in the U.S. to decriminalize LSD.

Of the 15 U.S. cities that have softened restrictions on psychedelics, none has included this synthetic hallucinogen. Berkeley Community Health Commissioners Joseph Holcomb Adams and Karma Smart explained that the logic for decriminalizing LSD is that it meets the technical definition of psychedelics. And in their view, said Smart, “nobody deserves to go to jail for having a psychedelic experience.” […]

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2 Responses to No one deserves jail for having a psychedelic experience

  1. Son of Sam Walton says:

    I’ve heard more people claim that homelessness had more to do with mental health than the cost of living. These substances could help with some of that.

  2. darkcycle says:

    Hey Malcolm Kyle…are you still lurking in these corners of the internet? I need to talk to you if you are still out here old buddy. Hope you are well if this finds you, you know how to get ahold of me. Peace.

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