Drug War Industries Face Obsolescence

The drug war business sector is confronting its own obsolescence as cannabis legalization continues to sweep the nation.

Companies selling urinalysis kits are feeling the pinch-off as people recover their rights to privacy while being given a greater range of medicinal choices involving their own bodies. Reactionary responses from Big Pharma and drug war industries can always be expected and often take the form of new tech products that promise an end to the alleged weed menace once and for all.

Topping the wish list is the marijuana breathalyzer. This elusive tech-creature has been the major choice for testosterone-crazed motor cops whose very job existence may depend on how many potheads they bust in a single weekend. Its market introduction is not going well. There exists no clear standard for judging levels of impairment from marijuana. The possibility of creating such a device, one that can be interrelated and quantified with an actual marijuana dysfunction, is doubtful.

Undeterred, the Biden Administration introduced a bill in Congress that provides $10 million toward equipping all new automobiles—starting in 2026—with breathalyzers that must be used to start the car. Yes, it’s true. The US government wants you to give your car a blowjob. Buy your new car now before it’s too late.

Bypassing the device is far more certain than making it work. A counter-tech gadget that blows clean moist air into the breathalyzer might work. Someone could give the random kid on the street ten dollars to blow into the mouthpiece instead of the driver. A handheld breathalyzer could be used to filter a person’s breath before it’s exhaled into the car’s breathalyzer. More research is needed. Breathalyzer hacking will ultimately rule.

A far better use for the taxpayers’ ten million would be to fund preliminary research into how marijuana use might mitigate certain anxiety-driven social problems, such as child abuse by parents, or by public school teachers and administrators—or situations like road rage, wife beatings, poverty, suicides, and homicides. Under our current Congressional dystopia, serious matters such as these may need to wait their turn for law enforcement to fulfill its dream of a drug-free society.

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2 Responses to Drug War Industries Face Obsolescence

  1. myconaut says:

    Oh goody! Now you’ll have to blow into a breathalyzer to start your car, even if you’ve never drunk alcohol before in your life. Presumption of guilt for all! Even if you drink, let’s say you and your friend(s) decide to go out to the wilderness to camp for the weekend. You all have a beer or two, thinking you’re in for the night, so why not? Maybe it’s not enough to get drunk, but enough to not be able to start the vehicle. Then one of you has a medical emergency requiring transportation to the nearest hospital immediately. Then what?? Out of luck, right? Or what if everyone’s completely sober and the thing just malfunctions? This technology may well kill more people than it purports to save.

  2. Just think how long it’s been since Calvina Fay was visible!

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