Really, Idaho?

Constitutional ban on legal pot advances in Idaho

State lawmakers on Friday moved forward with a proposed constitutional amendment that would bar the legalization of marijuana in Idaho in an attempt to keep the growing nationwide acceptance of the drug from seeping across its borders. [emphasis added]

That’s right. They’re proposing a constitutional amendment so they can ensure that it won’t be able to be passed through a referendum.

“You guys are so afraid of marijuana, you’re willing to blow up the state constitution,” [Bill Esbensen] told lawmakers.

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18 Responses to Really, Idaho?

  1. Son of Sam Walton says:

    I sometimes will send very irrational and illogical emails to the politicians, knowing that their staff are required to read it. I do this in hopes that is sparks more rational thinking and open mindedness. If you come at them saying ‘free weed’, then they turn off. This approach may not work, but I’m willing to try anything that puts their subconscious down the right path:

    Shouldn’t ‘childbirth’ be protected under the Idaho Constitution? The oldest and most natural forms of childbirth does not allow for the contact between the genitalia of the baby and the mother’s. The oldest most natural form of childbirth is the removal of the baby via the mother’s stomach, because it avoids the touch of genitalia on genitalia. The Hebrews discovered that sexual abuse first stems from the sinful animal childbirth or vaginal childbirth that is forbidden in the Bible, lest both mother and baby be put down, the way the Bible demands for a woman or a man to be put down alongside an animal when sex between the two occurs.

    The fact that the human genitalia is on the outside of the body and not on the inside of the body is proof that C-section birth is the only natural and thus most ancient form of childbirth. Naturally, the ancient Hebrew would have realized that a child was inside the belly of a woman and that the most natural way for such an item to be removed would be through surgery since genitalia is deemed only for sex or urination. Being the people of God, they knew that vaginal childbirth was a sin of incest and this is why the most natural and ancient practice of removing the child is through the stomach.

    Protect all babies from incest. Our liberal society has long forgotten that humans, being higher in the spirit than animals, have long volunteered the purity of our body for our spirit by only doing c-sections (This was how Cain and Able were born).

    A Constitutional Law is needed to protect all babies from Liberal Child Births. The socialists have long brainwashed the medical community with ‘hippy—all natural witch doctor cures’, forcing them to forget that c-sections used to be mandatory, lest woman and child be put down in accordance to the Abraham/Christian/Jeffersonian Laws in regards to incest.

    If God or Mother Nature intended for women to deliver the baby through the sex organ, then God would have never outlawed incest or made incest something in which wouldn’t harm DNA or chromosomes of incestuous offspring.

    If you do this, then all abortions will be outlawed since Abortion removes the baby through the genitals, forcing the dead baby to touch the mother’s genitals (necrophilia).

    Do you see why this is the most important issue your eyes will ever read and see?

    Sometimes you just have to outflank the enemy and hopefully I didn’t move too far out of my way to totally miss the battle. Then again, keeping cannabis illegal via a Constitutional Amendment is so irrational, I feel like the enemy is using ‘clown shoes’ to fight us, and this might be my flower that squirts water on their face if they so sniff it.

  2. darkcycle says:

    No, Son of Sam Walton. Just…no.

  3. Servetus says:

    Idaho is a drug enforcement Mecca for the Mormon mafia who inhabit the region and who consider Utah and Idaho to be their own personal fiefdoms.

    Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or Mormons (many prefer being referred to as Latter Day Saints or just Saints), are already committed in most cases to avoiding caffeinated drinks, alcohol, and tobacco. Thanks to the religious beliefs of their church, the profession of drug enforcement comes naturally to many of them. Adding to the encouragement, Mormon history is replete with prohibitionist attitudes.

    Brigham Young, who led his 19th century Mormon flock into a desert now referred to as Utah, absolutely loathed drugs of all types, as well as medical doctors and education or schools. His denunciation was so severe that the federal government had to step in and force Utah to establish public schools and medical facilities that could feature trained physicians and health care workers.

    Young had an 8th grade level education, or less. He was terrified of intellectuals and college-educated individuals, and of course he rejected science. He’s been diagnosed by some latter day psychologists as suffering from multiple personality disorder (MPD). Young is also known to have been a serial murderer. He’s implicated in one instance regarding the murder-execution of a woman who became openly displeased with her polygamous status in her home and in the local community. Brigham also kept a personal hit man on his payroll. His war against the federal government, often referred to by historians as the Mormon revolt, was an insurgency he championed that lasted until his death from appendicitis in 1877.

    Thanks in part to Brigham and Idaho’s Mormon heritage, drug enforcement in Idaho has been prioritized in a big way. For instance, a car rally is held each year to raise money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – formerly The Drug Coalition, an NGO that “works to raise awareness about drug-free and healthy lifestyle choices for youth.” The car rally is a really entertaining event. It’s staged during Pioneer Days, a Mormon festival celebrating the Mormon migration to the West. Bugattis, McLarens, Lamborghinis and other top contenders all vie for top speed honors along a five mile stretch of road near the ski resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho. Large numbers of people pay to watch it.

    Another prohibition promotion scheme is perpetuated each year by a Southern Idaho county prosecutor who holds an essay contest for graduating high school seniors. The topic is always drug enforcement. The lucky winner, or winners, get a free scholarship to a local community college at taxpayer expense. The students who take top honors in the contest have never done so by criticizing the drug war.

  4. WalStMonky says:


    I think it’s great. They’re putting up the referendum for us. So when the voters tell them hell no…?

    • WalStMonky says:

      Idaho state Senate approves constitutional ban on legal marijuana

      Republicans have super-majorities in the two chambers. Some Republican senators said they voted in favor of the amendment to simply allow voters to decide.

      Some people are saying that this would prevent Idaho from ever enacting regulated re-legalization. Who was it that said that the Single Convention Treaty of 1961 in the UN would keep cannabis criminalized forever? For the better part of the last decade we’ve been stomping Harry J. Anslinger’s permanent prohibition into the ground and a bunch of inbred republicans from Idaho are going to beat us? Oh bullshit.

  5. WalStMonky says:


    Yet another step towards the main stream…Jazz Pharmaceuticals has offered to buy GW Pharma and the BoD of GWPH has accepted.

  6. Servetus says:

    Lou Dobbs, longtime foe of marijuana and its legalization, has been unceremoniously booted off Fox News for the lip-service role he played in the Washington, D.C. insurrection by claiming voter fraud and criticizing Smartmatic voting machines, saying that Smartmatic was fixing or rigging the election. Smartmatic is now suing Fox News for $2.7 billion, and the case against Fox looks viable.

    Below is an example or recap of the kinds of misinformation Dobbs was constantly citing about cannabis: that it can lead to cancer, and that it can ‘change the brain,’ etc. Today we know that cannabinoids are a cancer antagonist, and that the various compounds can act as anxiolytics, that they can change a person’s brain to mediate depression or OCD, among other benefits. From 2007:

    As marijuana goes mainstream with big money being made by big corporate operations, cannabis companies are in a really good position to sue people like Dobbs, or media like Fox News, that misrepresent or slander cannabis, cannabis consumers, and cannabis businesses in the future.

    • NorCalNative says:

      Here’s a new word I just made up to describe the Dobbs’ of the world and their hyperbolic propaganda: Hypercannabolic

      When my dad had cancer the fight to remove his own belief in hypercannabolics cost time and quality of life.

      That’s what makes these assholes so dangerous.

  7. Servetus says:

    Sheldon Adelson’s widow may continue her late husband’s criminal saga with regard to promoting a drug war against marijuana, as well as other nefarious deeds. She was already much of the main force behind his activities while he was still alive:

    Here’s a recap of the story behind Sheldon Adelson’s Sands Casino, which was forced to pay a $47 million fine in 2013 for laundering drug trafficking money. Hefty fines appear to be common when a person competes with the CIA for the same drug cash.

  8. ColinRimshökel says:

    “Last month Volteface’s interim Head of Policy Josh Torrance, Steve Rolles of Transform, Neil Woods from LEAP UK, and representative from LEAP France gave a presentation to the French Parliament on the social, economic and public health benefits of a regulated cannabis market.”

  9. Mitchell Nusbaum says:

    Servetus, The Nation article is behind a paywall; can’t see it.

    • Servetus says:

      Thanks for letting me know, Mitchell. I have a subscription to The Nation, which is why I was able to access it. In the future I will remember not to cite The Nation, nor any other paywall site that denies access. What a pain.

  10. Servetus says:

    A total and permanent ban on hemp cultivation in California’s Humboldt County is designed to address the problems of pollen drift that could cause male hemp pollen to depress cannabinoid levels in marijuana.

  11. Daniel Williams says:

    Really, Idaho? No, you da ho…

    • darkcycle says:

      Oh, and “hoes” they are. The make the panhandle a gauntlet for Washington plates. I 90 is as bad as eleven through Texas, all compressed into about thirty miles. Luckily, they tend to work the westbound lanes….They like that money, honey.
      Hope you have had a great holiday season Daniel…sorry ‘bout your candidate (sorry for you, not him.). We could have done way better than Biden (I voted Green again, should come as no surprise). Peace, old pal.

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