Border Wall Scaled with $5.30 of Rebar

Someone forgot to inform the federal government that drug traffickers are clever and resourceful:

The ladders appear to be made by hand from two poles of 3/8-inch rebar and four thinner poles, fitted with steps and bent over at the end in a ‘U’ shape to hook on the top of the wall.

The El Paso Times reports smugglers could be sourcing the rebar from a local hardware store in Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican city just south of El Paso, where six metres of the material costs roughly $5.30 (£4).

To date, almost 100 miles of border have been built under the Trump administration, mostly to replace and improve existing barriers.

Mr Trump’s campaign promised that Mexico would pay for the wall, but thus far the almost $10bn (£7.7bn) budget has come from taxpayer money. […]

A total 450 miles of the barrier is expected to be completed by the end of this year. […]

Failed DEA operations in Afghanistan have already sucked nearly $9 billion into the drug war’s black hole. Total losses in these categories may exceed $19 billion if construction on the Mexican border wall continues. Despite the ongoing fraud and waste, US taxpayers may find a bit of comfort in knowing that a mere 20 feet of #3 rebar can help bring victory and freedom to people around the world in the ongoing struggle against corrupt drug skirmishes and schemes.

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  1. It takes a “stable genius” elected by other stable genius’s to waste money in such an open way. They think they are accomplishing something.

    Phony drug enforcement reasoning (drug war) supports the true reason: bigotry.

  2. DdC says:

    50 years msm shunned alternatives to prohibition. GOP with DNC whining, begging and demonizing Hemp as an alternative. After 50 years of government corruption. All the confiscations and more that they missed. Cartels always a step ahead. But it was legalizing that keeps the Free Mexican Air force grounded.

    We do’need no stinkin wall…

    ☛ Those magnificent men and their flying machines
    ☛ Marijuana cannon used to hurl drug parcels over US border seized by police
    ☛ Pot Catapult Launches Drugs Over U.S. Border
    ☛ Drug Smuggling Submarines
    ☛ Mexico drug-smuggling tunnels
    ☛ bazooka inside a van

    ☛ Mexicans Are Buying Legal Weed in California,
    Reversing a Century-Long Trend of Drug Smuggling

    We’ve come a long way to be so close to the starting point.

    The Trip (1967 film)

    Marijuana: the law vs. 12 million people
    Life magazine Oct 31, 1969. 25-35

    Drug Scheduling 2.22.20
    Schedule I – marijuana (cannabis)
    Schedule II – oxycodone (OxyContin), fentanyl
    Schedule III – codeine), ketamine, anabolic steroids
    Schedule IV – Xanax, Darvon, Ambien
    Schedule V – less than 200 milligrams of codeine

    • NorCalNative says:

      Did a Venn diagram search for bigots and authoritarian followers. No diagram found but many articles.

      A society’s ability to press forward on issues of progressive social change requires minimizing bigots and authoritarian followers.

      I read Fox News and a quote from a reporter said this.

      “Our job at Fox News is to protect our viewers from those who hate them.”

      News network or bigot protection racket? As the orange thing might say, “bigots be my base bitches.”

      White identity politics is destructive to democracy. Fox protects anti-democratic bigots.

      So, who are the REAL fucking snowflakes? Alternative facts can go fuck themselves.

      • Substitute the word genius for bigot, falsehood for truth, bad for good, and what do you have?

        A confused bunch of lemmings running towards the edge, following that stable genius of ill will and self serving interests. All the time leading the charge of confusion from the rear.

  3. Bonkin'ForYahweh says:

    Israel has decided to follow Canada’s fine example.

    Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday he was pushing to legalize recreational cannabis in the Jewish state, along the lines enacted by Canada in 2018.

    Israel has already partially decriminalized recreational marijuana use, setting fines and treatment for initial offenders instead of criminal prosecution.

    It allows tightly-regulated use of the drug for medicinal purposes and its cultivation and export by government-licensed growers.

    • WalStMonky says:


      This really is a non-event. Mr. Netanyahu faces the Election next week. He’s also been indicted for bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Somehow I think it’s not bloody likely that he’ll win.

      Prosecution proceeds against Benjamin Netanyahu after he withdraws request for immunity
      January 28, 2020

      • Yawnageddon says:

        Funny, everybody else appears to be taking it seriously:

        How much energy and resources has our country invested in investigators, detectives, intelligence coordinators, prosecutors, attorneys, judges, typists, probation officers and more – to deal with crime devoid of victims?” pined the Justice Minister.

        “And this, of course, at the expense of numerous [other] crimes that produce victims who’ve had to endure multiple injustices because there’s only so much law enforcement can do and everything is a matter of priorities. It’s time to for a change in direction.”

        “Therefore, we, the Prime Minister and the Likud Movement, announced two initiatives: The first – establishment of a committee that will outline an appropriate legislative path to regulate the legal use of cannabis based on the Canadian model. The second – rectifying past wrongs.”

  4. WalStMonky says:

    Statistics Canada figures show the number of teenagers between the ages of 15 to 17 who said they had consumed cannabis in the last three months dropped from 19.8 per cent before legalization to 10.4 per cent since pot was legalized.

    Peter MacKay Wouldn’t Re-Criminalize Cannabis As PM, Campaign Says

  5. We're not in Cansas Anymore says:

    TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas legislators aren’t ready to declare that marijuana possession never should be a felony, rejecting proposals Monday to lower penalties for third-time offenders and to release others from prison.

    The House Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee voted 7-4 against a bill that would make possessing marijuana a misdemeanor, no matter how many times someone was convicted. Kansas law currently says a third conviction is a felony that can be punished by up to 14 months in prison, though offenders often receive probation.

    The bill also initially said offenders now in prison for marijuana possession would be released, but the committee removed that provision from the measure. Supporters of lessening the penalties for repeated marijuana possession accepted the change to give the bill a better chance of passing.

    Kansas is at it again ““I still don’t believe that marijuana should be legalized,” said GOP Rep. Stephen Owens, of Hesston. “I believe this was a step in that direction.”

    He ain’t got no agenda: VP of Kansas Bail bonds Agents Association
    NRA and Kansas Rifle Association
    A business degree (MBA)
    Owner of his own Bail Bonds business
    And the co-founder of Axis Monitoring, which makes kits for detecting booze and dope that people put on their bodies and ankles, like bracelets and adhesive tapes for your monitoring needs.

  6. WazaKizambo says:

    “It’s an appropriate time to look at whether those (international drug conventions) are still fit for purpose, or whether we need new alternative instruments and approaches to deal with these problems,”
    INCB ( International Narcotics Control Board) President Cornelis P. de Joncheere

  7. Son of Same Walton says:

    And every time the drug war would destroy Iraqi and Afghani property, the U.S. would pay. The average bullet costs three pennies and a single one in the wall of a home would cost $3-$5 in Iraq to repair/pay for labor, while that same hole in Afghanistan would cost $1–$1.50 to fix. So, three pennies ($.03) spent by the enemy so we can plug dollar bills inside the bullet holes. It cost even more when that same bullet killed someone since the U.S. has a tendency to pay for the dead as our ‘Hearts and Minds’ strategy. And when it comes to American equipment, $.03 can destroy a $50 dollar digital/flame resistant military blouse. If three pennies did more than just rip a whole in the shirt, then you have hundreds of dollars wasted on field medical equipment, a thousand dollars wasted on the medivac airlift and thousands wasted in medical equipment once flown to the hospital tent and thousands wasted when flown to larger hospitals in Kuwait, Germany, and the U.S. And if the soldier later died of his injuries, then their life insurance would pay out at roughly $1,000,000, plus the loss of training and bonuses for a soldier not able to finish the contract. So, $.03 cents of heroin money to buy a single AK47 round can, will do, and has created $1.2mil-$1.5 million in damages.

    If Americans didn’t toss dollar bills by the single or thousands to fix what the enemy or we have destroyed, then the war would be more expensive because the locals wouldn’t be nearly as cooperative with us if we didn’t fix our mistakes or our enemies damages as best we can with money.

    And how much does a heat seeking rocket cost them with drug money? $3000 or less when bought in bulk. And if it downed a black hawk with a full crew, then that $3000 or less could cost America $30 million or more. Especially since new crew will have to be manufactured and then trained and given bonuses and insurance to replace the old crew.

    • Son of Sam Walton says:

      Oops, typo on the name.

      We waste the same money when it comes to fixing the injuries of the locals, even flying them out in helicopter. At least the pad about 50 yards away from where I slept would carry in wounded and dead from Iraq and America. And don’t think that Americans don’t buy them at least a new pair of clothes to leave the hospital with. Even IEDs cost a dozen dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on how big and if it was manufactured in Iraq or Afghanistan.

      Only if the American economy would anticipate the pennies spent to add up the hundreds and thousands of debt collected. Possibly have the tax man collect $5-$7 dollars from our wallets for every $1 dollar I earn or spend.

      How much does the economies of Mexico and Central America cost us. Since it cost less to buy and live in Mexico in comparison to the U.S., how much is spent down their and disrupts up here at a much greater cost? Vehicle fuel bought in Mexico? Packaging materials bought down there, as opposed to bought up here. Weapons and ammunition. Assassins, soldiers, and smugglers sent up north on Mexican wages? The low cost on their end to the high cost of clean up on our end.

      • WalStMonky says:


        Life insurance excludes casualties of war the last time I looked.

        • Son of Sam Walton says:

          Life insurance is a financial instrument meant to pay off upon the time of death for the holder of the policy.

          Most people have a million dollar life insurance policy with the military. A few opp out to just having half a million or $800,000. But most Americans would rather their family and kids have a million dollars.

          over 8,000 U.S. soldiers have died. So, over 8,000 times $1 million is a figure a bit higher than $10 million dollars. Some people believe that 8,000 times one million is somewhere near the 8 billion mark.

        • Son of Sam Walton says:

          Sorry, 6,951 U.S. soldiers killed. Most of whom I would assume had a million dollar life insurance contract with the military. I did. That is almost $7 billion added to the cost of war. And if America is known for paying for the dead in Iraq and Afghanistan, then isn’t that a form of life insurance? We haven’t paid for all the dead, but we’ve paid for thousands of the innocent locals. A few hundred dollars per body and possibly more depending on who they were.

        • Duncan20903 says:


          OK, couldn’t find it because they call it a death gratuity. It’s 100k not a million. Pays out for any cause of death. Gosh, isn’t it just like our government to give a generous death gratuity to the same people that they pay so little when they’re alive that they qualify for food stamps?

  8. Son of Sam Walton says:

    When Mexico dismantled the Catholic Church in 1917, which lead to the Cristero War a decade later and a large influx of Mexican refugees into the U.S., L.A. specifically, this no doubt played a role in the U.S. outlawing Marijuana. But how much? How much prejudice against Hispanics played in demonizing and banning the plant and what years did they grow rapidly? 1913: Main, California, Wyoming, and Indiana ban marijuana. 1915: Utah and Vermont ban it. 1917: Colorado turns it into a misdemeanor. 1923, 3 more states ban marijuana. By 1927, the war in Mexico would be in its second year, and 5 more states banned it. The persecution laws would be repealed in 1934 under a new President. But, at the end of the war in 1929, 5% of Mexico wound up in the U.S. By 1933, 29 states have banned marijuana.

    If Mexico didn’t wage war against the church, would the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act even have occurred or happened later or differently? Would hemp have been victim?

    • WalStMonky says:


      I think that we can reasonably state that if things were different they just wouldn’t be the same.

      • darkcycle says:

        …and no matter where you go, there you are… 🙂

      • Son of Sam Walton says:

        Life insurance is a financial instrument meant to pay off upon the time of death for the holder of the policy.

        Most people have a million dollar life insurance policy with the military. A few opp out to just having half a million or $800,000. But most Americans would rather their family and kids have a million dollars.

        over 8,000 U.S. soldiers have died. So, over 8,000 times $1 million is a figure a bit higher than $10 million dollars. Some people believe that 8,000 times one million is somewhere near the 8 billion mark.

        • Son of Sam Walton says:

          Sorry DC, it accidentally posted under you instead of under the previous WalStMonky’s comment

  9. Nausea says:

    Is this the election where American democracy finally gives up the ghost?
    The voters are likely to be presented with a non-choice of the drug warrior candidate, Joe Biden or Donald Trump….
    but then it never was about the voters, it all gets settled by big business and their paid stooges in Congress. Wake up America before it’s too late.

    • Son of Sam Walton says:

      The only way Americans can know who is running is by watching closely to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon, big oil).

      If you fancy yourself to by a consumer of computer chips and plastics and things packaged in plastics, then the biggest political event in our lives happened in 2007 with the de-nationalization of Iraqi oil (a reversal of 1972). China and India are neck-in-neck at being number one when buying Iraqi oil, and China makes most of our plastics found in our packaging, cars, tools, toys, nylons, and electronics. America is number 3 when buying Iraqi oil and we make a lot of plastics. And to add leverage to our treasury bonds that China consumes, we allow tech minerals to be mined from Afghanistan and shipped to China for our tech needs.

      Europe is number two buyer of Iraqi oil and Russia moves its oil across Turkey and even through Georgia. Russia needs Europe to quit Buying American oil from Iraq since America is now an OPEC nation due to our possession of Iraq.

      Keeping Cyrstal Meth (Yaba) etc illegal just adds money to those fighting us. Keeping us at war keeps Iraq and Afghanistan in an unstable war economy where attacks rise interest rates and lowers the cost of their goods/labor just to pay off the higher rates . . . drug money keeps us in the Middle East constantly fighting and constantly keeping the markets low enough to keep taking advantage of. Keeping drugs illegal in America helps with the price of oil production in Iraq or cellphone production in China. When Americans quit buying things made from plastics and computer chips, then the Middle East will no longer control who wins our elections. We consume what we are against and this gives our words nothing because our actions are all buying plastics and tech made from the blood and hopelessness of those two nations we invaded.

      Think about everything you’ve been reading in regards to the Balkans and an oil pipeline. Did you really see Russia swooping down into the Mediterranean Sea over in Syria, plus their games in Ukraine and Georgia means Turkey is now smack dab in the middle of Russian plans. Drug money has no known source and is not subject to economic sanctions and has no paper trails. Drug money dominates the Middle East from Syria to Pakistan and even throughout Africa. Drug money makes Nigerian oil fields unsafe. Nations create laws that create just enough black market money to manufacture long term destabilization and war, leading to countless ripple effects.

      Those of us who worked in a Prison in another country beneath 3rd World Standards inside of a war zone, for the U.S. Military, understand just how much money the black market is worth in nations where a single American dollar or Euro spends like $4-$7 when illegal money makes purchases on the legal markets inside those very poor and unstable countries. When the enemy gets one billion worth of drug money spread through Iraq in 2010, America most likely had to spend 5 times that amount. Europe buys most of is drugs from the middle east and Iraq just so happens to border Europe via Turkey. We are probably looking at more than just a lousy billion dollars of drug money every year in Iraq, a nation that borders the Golden Crescent nation of Iran, a leading opium grower with the world’s most addicted population.

      Its all about wasting our individual times with writing to our smaller to medium size politicians i.e. mayors, congress and from time to time, a fat senator and constantly, no matter how many times they say, ‘no’. And not just writing them, but countless newspapers and businesses. Like all your dispensaries. All your VFW chapters. A few college professors. The churches. Other websites’ comment sections.

      If one personally doesn’t get invited by a politician to a ‘donation’ luncheon (after they know you are cheap and a non-payer and not even a registered member of that party) or phone called by a congressman, so one can add a few words for the public during a ‘town hall meeting’, then that person isn’t living democracy.

      America is hard work and is too tough to be piloted by folk uncaring enough to serve the evil empire as an engineer of the machine. I know this old steam engine through and through. Everyone else is just a taxpayer. Citizen is just a word, now. The new word is, ‘Engineer.’ Those who don’t serve just cannot have the same access to information as those who do serve their country. And thus they don’t know how to fix the problem. How will one find the leak inside the mansion when they remain inside the barn or out in the field.

      America is a giant cow, and when I was standing on Iraq during the Financial Crisis, I could see it eat its grass. When one is inside the belly of the cow, it is really hard to see the cow eat the grass . . . they can only see the swallowed grass and from time to time, the outside world when its mouth is being opened for more grazing.

    • WalStMonky says:


      You guys are going to have to find another industry to blame for your conspiracies. On Monday the entire US oil industry succumbed to the coronovirus hysteria. Index dropped 20% on Monday. Even before today the 4 largest stock that aren’t in the oil patch have a higher market cap than every publicly traded US company in the oil sector. Not combined, each individual company has a higher market cap than the entire oil patch. Several oil companies including Royal Dutch Shell have come up with 10 year plans to liquidate their oil assets and return the proceeds to the shareholders.

      Monday’s stock market crash was caused by the collapse of the price of crude. The Saudis are now the only source of crude which can turn a profit at today’s wholesale price. But the good news is that gasoline should be going for ~$1.50/gallon in the very near future. Also the fact is that this industry is critical to the success of our Country in the long run so it’s all but guaranteed that the companies in the sector are “too big to fail” qualified so a bailout is a no brainer to anticipate.

  10. WalStMonky says:

    NJ medical marijuana: State’s top court says patients can’t be fired

    The New Jersey Supreme Court ruling sends a message to employers across the state that they cannot fire employees simply for the use of medical marijuana while off duty, and that doing so can be challenged in court. The case started in Bergen County and the Tuesday ruling further defines protections for more than 70,000 medical marijuana patients across the state.

    “The big takeaway here is employers must reasonably accommodate individuals who are legal users of marijuana in the state of New Jersey, just as they would have to reasonably accommodate an employee taking any prescription medication,” said Maxine Neuhauser, an employment lawyer at Epstein Becker Green in Newark and who has been following the case. “If the individual’s ability to perform the job is not impacted by their use of medical marijuana, then you can’t just fire them for a positive drug test.”

  11. TheDarkNark says:

    They did it!!! The Oglala Sioux Tribe have become the first Native American tribe to allow a cannabis market in a state where it’s otherwise illegal.
    Both medical and recreational marijuana passed by wide margins, with 82% of voters approving medical cannabis and 74% approving recreational.

  12. sudon't says:

    King Friday XIII wants a wall!

    Mr. Rogers had this guy’s number way back in the eighties.

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