California Makes a Fool of VP Mike Pence

Guest post by Servetus

Minus any help from prohibition, the UC San Diego School of Medicine and Moores Cancer Center of California revealed the state’s lung cancer rates due to tobacco have plummeted by 28 percent.

The latest statistics are terrible news for former Indiana governor Mike Pence who argued in 2001 that tobacco smoking doesn’t kill. Pence subsequently raised $39,000 from tobacco lobbyists shortly after his declaration of tobacco’s innocence.

Tossing the evils of prohibition aside, the UC researchers attribute the lung cancer reduction to serious consideration of the evidence of a tobacco-cancer link that led to a 1988 voter initiative assigning tobacco control to the California Department of Public Health.

Details of the research are contained in a Cancer Prevention Research abstract:

October 10, 2018—Three cigarette smoking behaviors influence lung cancer rates: how many people start, the amount they smoke, and the age they quit. California has reduced smoking faster than the rest of the US and trends in these 3 smoking behaviors should inform lung cancer trends. […]

There was no marked California effect on quitting or intensity among seniors. From 1986-2013, annual lung cancer mortality decreased more rapidly in California and by 2013 was 28% lower (62.6 vs 87.5/100,000) than in the rest of the US. California’s tobacco control efforts were associated with a major reduction in cigarette smoking among those under age 35 years. These changes will further widen the lung cancer gap that already exists between California and the rest of the US.

The success of California’s Department of Public Health in curtailing tobacco smoking is just one more example of how a state’s regulation succeeds where prohibition fails.

The results expose prohibition’s bumbling nonsense that causes prohibited substances to seem exciting or highly adventurous, a provocative forbidden fruit, an identity focal point for teenage mutineers; as well as a juridical tool tyrants and authoritarians use to punish or eliminate rebels, dissenters, or the disenfranchised.

Vice President Mike Pence’s record on illicit drugs and related substances proves he’s openly contemptuous of millennials—the latest beneficiaries of the American Revolution, no less. Were he an ally, or even a reasonable human being, Pence would publicly correct his disinformation about the links between tobacco and lung cancer and he would come out in favor of legalizing comparably safer cannabis and psychedelic products.

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19 Responses to California Makes a Fool of VP Mike Pence

  1. tsisageya says:

    California makes a fool of itself. Please stop. It’s my favorite place on earth.

    • Mike Fucking Pence says:

      I avoid CA because they’re on to the fact that conservatism is a mental pathology. You probably should as well.

    • DC Reade says:

      It’s more like the University of California at San Diego School of Medicine is making a fool out of you, tsisageya.

  2. Dante says:

    Everybody makes a fool out of Mike Pence. It is easy to do.

    Like beating a dead horse (except the dead horse is still smarter than Mike Pence).

    Or, like taking candy from a baby (same as above, the baby is smarter than Mike).

    Leave poor Mike alone until his 15 minutes of fame are over.

    • Servetus says:

      Here at Drug WarRant we whack Kevin Sabet, Robert DuPont, Bill Bennett, Jeff Sessions, Nora Volkow, Linda Haag, Harry Anslinger, Daryl Gates, Rudolph Giuliani, Andrea Barthwell, Peter Bensinger, Joseph A. Califano, Lou Dobbs, William Randolph Hearst, Henry Ford, Cliff Kincaid, Rodrigo Duterte, Michele Leonhart, Richard Pillhound Nixon, Adolf Hitler, John Haldeman, John Ehrlichman, Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Mark Kleiman, A. M. Rosenthal, Pope Pius IX, Mel Sembler, Dianne Feinstein, Orrin Hatch, Mitt Romney, Sheldon Adelson, Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper, Mark Souder, Karen Tandy, John Walters, et al.

      Why give Mike Pence a break?

  3. DdC says:

    Congrats Cannucks!

    Celebrate Legalization With this ‘Oh Cannabis’ Karaoke Song

    The Internet’s Best Reactions To Canadian Legalization
    It has finally happened: Cannabis is officially legal in Canada, as of October 17.

    We Hit the Streets of Toronto to See How Much Canadians Know About Cannabis Legalization

    Your Province-By-Province Guide To Buying And Consuming Cannabis In Canada

    Canada Says It’s Okay to Smoke Weed at National Parks

    • kaptinemo says:

      (Chuckling) Yup. And, like so many other things, it was predicted here over a decade ago that Canada would (nationally) re-legalize before the US. And here it is.

      But the prohibs just won’t give up. For example:

      B.C. Cannabis: From ‘ground zero of pot activism,’ the start of a new world

      From the article:

      Mid-morning Wednesday, Malmo-Levine rode his bike from Hastings to the Vancouver Art Gallery, to check out a pot protest. But unlike the rallies of Malmo-Levine’s early years in Vancouver, the group of demonstrators protesting federal government drug policy on Wednesday weren’t fighting for the legalization of pot, but against it.

      Pamela McColl, organizer of Wednesday’s Opposition to Legalization Rally, stepped to the microphone first, addressing a crowd of mostly journalists: “Today is Oct. 17, as you all know, it’s Canada-went-to-pot day. … It is a very, very dark day for Canada. The damage that is going to ensue from this policy change will be horrendous.”

      Next to speak was Kevin Sabet, founder of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, from Washington, D.C.

      “We think this move by Canada is way too fast, way too soon,” Sabet said. “This is not about licensing and regulation. This is not about knowing what’s in our products. This is actually about, essentially, Canada becoming the world’s biggest drug dealer.”

      How fuqqing insulting. But insults to intelligence are Kevvie’s forte.

      No, Kevvie, Uncle Sam is the world’s biggest drug dealer on the planet, with your buddies in Big Pharma, the ones funding you, leading the pack…with hearty help from the Cocaine Importation Agency.

      • WalStMonky says:


        It must really suck to be a sycophant of prohibition nowadays.

        Two in Three Americans Now Support Legalizing Marijuana

        Story Highlights

        — Support for legalizing pot at new high of 66%
        — Majority support across regional, age and political party groups

        WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sixty-six percent of Americans now support legalizing marijuana, another new high in Gallup’s trend over nearly half a century. The latest figure marks the third consecutive year that support on the measure has increased and established a new record.

        • kaptinemo says:

          Demographics, it’s largely thanks to demographics. And the persistence of reformers.

          “The Olde Order Passeth…”, as in all those who uncritically believed government propaganda about illicit drugs and pressured pols to keep them illegal.

          Every day Father Time is swinging that scythe of his, felling more and more of them. They are being replaced by younger, savvier voters who know the truth and are pressuring their pols to reverse course. But it is still taking too damn long.

  4. WalStMonky says:


    Here we go, the solution to the UN’s SCTs. As we all know the UN treaties require that anything cannabis be criminalized in every square inch of the planet. Well the Japanese have got it covered. It would seem that Japanese laws are global and not limited to Japanese nationals.

    As Canada legalizes recreational marijuana, Japanese citizens warned the law from home may apply

    Japan’s law makes growing, importing or exporting marijuana punishable by up to seven years in prison. The punishment can reach up to 10 years — and possibly a maximum ¥3 million fine — for those proven to have engaged in those acts with the intent to profit. Possession, distribution or receipt of marijuana can mean up to five years prison, while those with a profit motive can get a maximum seven-year jail term and up to a ¥2 million fine.

    An official of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry suggested that all individuals, not just Japanese nationals, are technically subject to this law, wherever they are.

    Sheesh, and people don’t understand why the inclusion of Japan Tobacco in the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF vexes me so.

  5. claygooding says:

    We don’t need government to protect man from cannabis,we need government to protect cannabis from man.

  6. WalStMonky says:


    Here’s yet another black swan:

    Arizona AG retracts bid to make extracts illegal for medical marijuana patients
    October 24, 2018

    Capitol Media Services reported that Brnovich changed course this week after a filing from his office maintained that the resin extracted from cannabis should be outlawed.

    In reversing his stance, Brnovich cited the unintended consequences for medical cannabis patients, including children, if they are denied access to marijuana extracts.

    Brnovich’s spokesman said there are children who receive medical marijuana in liquid fashion to treat seizures and that the AG has a responsibility to uphold the will of voters. Arizonans narrowly approved MMJ in 2010.

    Actual compassion for suffering children? Perhaps. Perhaps more likely recognizing that pissing off parents of seriously ill children by taking away an effective medicine could be quite the political liability? We’d probably have to be inside his head to know for sure. I’m certainly not going there because of the stink.

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