Texas coach doesn’t want Colorado athletes

Even as we progress, there are always some of these neanderthal throwbacks who show up:

Texas college baseball coach: Stay home, Colorado high school potheads

Actual email written from Texas Wesleyan baseball coach Mike Jeffcoat to a prospective student:

“Thanks for the interest in our program. Unfortunately, we are not recruiting players from the state of Colorado. In the past, players have had trouble passing our drug test. We have made a decision to not take a chance on Student-athletes from your state. You can thank your liberal politicians. Best of Luck wherever you decide to play.”

The university has disassociated itself with his comments.

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11 Responses to Texas coach doesn’t want Colorado athletes

  1. kaptinemo says:

    The university needs to disassociate itself from Coach Jeffcoat…publicly

  2. Harry says:

    “The university has disassociated itself with his comments.”
    That’s a good one. Sounds like the coach is speaking in his official capacity. How can university administration disassociate?

  3. Servetus says:

    It might not be purely a cannabis dispute. For some reason, Texans don’t like Coloradans. They hate Coloradans worse than they hate Oklahomans. I don’t know why. I was never in Texas long enough to find out.

    What’s certain is weed is once again being used to diss people. Nothing new for Texas or the rest of prohibitionist America.

  4. DdC says:

    Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) said he would veto a marijuana legalization bill if passed by the legislature.

    Brumleve: Speaking of reform, there’s been a lot of talk about the legalization of recreational marijuana. Do you have any opinion on where that should go?

    Rauner: It’s a big controversy. There are some Republicans who support it; some Democrats do; some don’t.

    Here’s my view. Medical marijuana was approved before I became governor. We’re monitoring that to see how it works, and I think there are some appropriate medical uses for that and we’re monitoring it. Recreational marijuana, just for personal use, I think is a huge experiment. We don’t know. And the drug has changed — marijuana has changed a tremendous amount over the last 30-40 years. It’s very, very potent. We don’t know how it impacts the developing brain. We don’t know what it does to pregnant women. We don’t know a lot of things.

    Colorado has legalized it. California just legalized it. And what I’ve recommended is, ‘Let’s not legalize it in Illinois now. Let’s watch what’s happening in these other states and learn.’ Even the Democratic governor of Colorado, even he’s come out in the press and said, ‘There’s a lot of wild stuff going on in Colorado; there’s addiction problems; there’s DUI problems; there’s crime problems.’ He even said, ‘Other states ought to watch what’s happening here before you move.’ So I’ve said, ‘Let’s not legalize it here; let’s just watch and learn before we do a big experiment on the people of Illinois.’

    Brumleve: If a bill to legalize recreational marijuana got passed by the Legislature, would you veto it?

    Rauner: Right now, I would, yeah. I want to see what’s happening and what happens in other states before I would support it.

    Russia will allow foreigners attending the World Cup to bring medical cannabis and other drugs with them, as long as they have proper documentation.

    Tom Angell @tomangell

    Wait, what? Did Trump just argue for legalizing drugs (again)?

    “The problem is you have a real black market… They sell a gun & the buyer doesn’t care… And you have that problem with drugs. You make the drugs illegal and they come.”

    Dianne Feinstein looked like she was going to just die right then and there when Trump appeared to be delivering a pro-drug-legalization talking point.

    Feinstein is clutching that table as if to say, “You can take my drug prohibition when you pry it from my cold dead hands.”

    President Trump has reportedly stated his support for executing drug sellers to members of Congress and foreign leaders.

  5. Will says:

    Mr. Jeffcoat has lost his job, which is the only appropriate response. I’m sometimes asked to describe Texans. My standing quasi joke is, “Think of Alabamans and Mississippians — but with more money”.

    To add to Servetus’ post above, Texans really hate Californians, more than anyone else by far. Since I don’t have an accent or voice inflection that suggests what part of the country I’m from, I’m often asked where I was born. For the predictable effect, especially when asked by a native Texan, I take great pleasure in stating that I was born in California, followed by listing some of the various parts of the country where I’ve lived. The mention of ‘California’ usually evokes a wince, often followed by a look that suggests, “Well, maybe you’re still okay”. Yeah, maybe (ha!).

    • Mouthy says:

      Always say ‘howdy’, ‘ya’ll’, ‘much obliged’. The accent doesn’t matter as long as you know the language, like when visiting France: always attempt the language, never mind how bad you screw it up or sound like a Merican. ‘Fix’n’, ‘get’r done’ also work.

  6. DdC says:

    The Texas coach who turned away a possible college baseball recruit because they were from Colorado has been fired.

  7. jean valjean says:

    Re Jeffcoat,
    The guy must have been drunk when he sent it. What did he think the applicant was going to do with a message like that? He should be fired for stupidity as well.

  8. mike cassidy says:

    Here’s an interview the Coach gave after being fired.


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