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Open Holiday Thread

Hope everyone on the couch is having an enjoyable holiday season. Best wishes to all from DrugWarRant. If you’re fortunate enough to have family, cherish that time. Off to spend Christmas Day with my grand-nephews.

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Nora Volkow is stumped

Regulated markets for adults have not made it easier for younger people to get marijuana. U.S. News The latest Monitoring the Future survey is out. Actual use of the drug dropped among 8th grade students and stagnated among 12th graders. … Continue reading

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And the war continues

Mexico quietly marks 10 years of drug war Ten years after Mexican troops were unleashed against drug cartels, the country will mark the anniversary without fanfare on Sunday, with murders rising again and the military eager to return to barracks. … Continue reading

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Hard to talk about anything else

Maybe it’s just the inundation of crap I have in my Facebook feed right now that’s making me want to retreat from the news, but I’m having a hard time focusing on drug policy (that, and the fact that I’m … Continue reading

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Open Thread

A couple of interesting ones from Tom Angell at Congressional Republicans Vow To Block Marijuana Amendments Don’t count on there being any marijuana votes in the U.S. House next year. That’s the message that Republican leadership in Congress is … Continue reading

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