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New head of the DEA?

TRUMP PICKS EL CHAPO TO RUN D.E.A. It’s satire, of course, but I couldn’t resist. In an official statement, Trump said that El Chapo’s “tremendous success in the private sector” showed that he has what it takes to “shake things … Continue reading

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Jeff Sessions, Attorney General?

Oh, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

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Open Thread

Retirement continues to be a very busy time for me. Spent the past week in Chicago getting my newest Living Canvas show ready to open tomorrow. [Trans]formation uses the unique Living Canvas technique (projections on bodies) to tell the stories, … Continue reading

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Ongoing Election Results (updated)

Here’s a news site from New Orleans that is doing live tracking of the various marijuana-related votes. Track marijuana referendum results: 9 states vote on legalizing pot Update: Recreational marijuana: California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada won! Arizona lost. Medical marijuana … Continue reading

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I voted early, as I’m heading up to Chicago to do a show. But it was a pretty dull affair, as I live in Central Illinois and there’s not much to vote for, other than making a symbolic statement. However, … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

“Marijuana Arrests are the engine driving the War on Drugs” Quote from: Watch Pusha T’s PSA Supporting Cali Marijuana Bill Well said. It’s one of the reasons that drug policy reformers have focused so much on marijuana. It is not … Continue reading

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