What has Oregon’s Scott Frost been putting in his body?

So the NCAA, which has far more strict criteria on flunking a marijuana test (5 nanograms compared to 35 for NFL, 50 for MLB, and 150 for World Anti-Doping Agency), has suspended an Oregon player or two from tonight’s game for testing positive for marijuana.

Of course, we could debate whether the occasional joint was worse for a young person’s development than concussion and all the other afflictions that can befall a football player, but I want to talk about the statement made by Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost.

“I think anytime you put something in your body that doesn’t belong there it’s a bad decision.”

Scott Frost

Scott Frost

Really? How do you determine whether something belongs in your body, Scott? Are your players going to use mouth guards tonight? Do you brush your teeth? Do you know anyone who wears contacts? How about ear buds? Do any of your players stick those in their ears? What are your views on putting a penis in somebody’s body? A good decision or a bad decision?

How do you know that marijuana doesn’t belong in your body?

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to put medium rare duck breast into my body. It was delicious, and I did it again. I’m pretty sure that was a good decision, but how am I supposed to know if it belongs there?

A couple of months ago, I had a kidney stone, and a doctor stuck a tube with a laser way into my body to blast it to smithereens. I’m pretty sure those things didn’t belong in my body, but I’m pretty happy that they were put there to do that job.

So please tell me, Scott — what’s your criteria for determining what belongs in your body?

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  1. Pot tied to fewer brain injury deaths

    “People who use marijuana may be more likely to survive a serious head injury than people who don’t, a new study suggests.”

    “At one hospital, the death rate after traumatic brain injury was lower among people who tested positive for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the active ingredient in marijuana) than among people who tested negative for it, researchers found.” …

    “This data fits with previous data showing that (THC) may be neuroprotective,”

    Yes Scott,what is your criteria for what belongs in your body?

    Protecting the brain from sports injuries isn’t relevant?

  2. jean valjean says:

    I’m sure his church told him that that cannabis didn’t belong in his body, just like penises don’t.
    Scott displays the sort information-poor thinking which has allowed prohibitionists to get away with their lies for so long. In other words, he’s a sap.
    (I’m still taking in Hari’s quotes from Anslinger from the last thread. In 50 years he will be be ranked with Hitler and Pol Pot as as the poster boy for evil.)

    • Hope says:

      His church or spiritual teachers should have gotten him to ponder “It’s not what goes in one’s body that makes one “Unclean”… it’s what comes out of one’s heart and mouth that makes one clean or unclean.”

      To me, cannabis is not unclean or sinful any more than tea or spinach. But to some people it is. For Heaven’s sake… they’ve heard “Pleasure” might be involved. Kind of sucks for them because it’s obviously quite beneficial to many people in many circumstances. But if they, this “Weaker” believer, are unable seek and see the truth, to think deeply into a matter on their own, and to understand, so be it.

      More for me and you! 🙂

      But the “Weaker” souls, the prohibitionists, have got to be made to stop hurting people in their fear and fervor.

      Before they have to say, “When Lord, did we mistreat you because of possessing, using, or even wanting cannabis? When did I want to put you in prison for that? When did I break down the door of your house for that, Lord?”

  3. primus says:

    From the look of him,(call that a neck?) steroids might be in his body.

  4. marc says:

    We have an endocannabinoid system. Marijuana is already in our bodies. http://norml.org/library/item/introduction-to-the-endocannabinoid-system

  5. darkcycle says:

    What’s his take on Book Learnin’?

  6. allan says:

    off topic, but wow:

    Flash Banged

    Flashbangs do have their place, but I don’t think it’s on every mission or in every room.

  7. Duncan20903 says:


    Here’s something remarkable. For decades and decades cannabis law reform advocates have lacked cohesion. If you like watching people quibble, bitch, moan and argue, all that you have to do is to invite 100 or so of said advocates to have a debate. When they’re assembled tell them that they need to pick a subject to debate. You’ll have all of the quibbling, bitching, moaning and arguing that your little black heart desires.

    Does everyone recall those We Want Beer rallies from the 1930s?

    We may indeed start to coordinate and subrogate our differences. I’ve never before in my life seen or even heard of any cannabis law reform advocates wearing uniforms while rabble rousing. End Cannabis Prohibition

    “There’s as much chance of repealing the 18th Amendment as there is for a humming bird to fly to Mars with the Washington Monument tied to its tail.”
    —-> Senator Morris Shepard from Texas in 1930

  8. DdC says:

    California Attorney General Kamala Harris seeks retiring Barbara Boxer Senate Seat #GoKamala http://www.politicususa.com/2015/01/12/eyes-kamala-harris-california-democrat-gavin-newsom-declines-2016-senate-bid.html …

  9. Hope says:

    Looks like some unfortunate “Jock” speak came out of Scott Frost’s mouth.

  10. N.T. Greene says:

    …define “doesn’t belong there”. Where does that standard start and stop? Toothbrushes? They’re pretty unnatural, and your body doesn’t necessarily think they “belong there”. Multivitamins? Acetametaphen? Ibuprofen? Nyquil? Chap Stick? Q-tips? Blood pressure medication? Antiretrovirals? Antibiotics? Antidepressants? Antipsychotics? Bottled water? Cough drops? Coca-fucking-cola?

    The real problem with the argument is simple: there are practically infinite exceptions to the rule. To go further, there’s no way to quantify that rule without making a personal judgment that doesn’t necessarily reflect the reality of the situation. Of course, in the drug war politicking, we see this sort of thing all the time.


    It isn’t right on the surface (most fallacies aren’t, as far as I can tell), but the core of an argument like this is that -everything- is either “meant to be there” or “not meant to be there” — which is a non-starter when you phrase it like that. The next step would be to ask, “how do you determine what IS meant to be there and what ISN’T?” It relies on people’s assumptions that things have to be one way or the other, and nature just doesn’t work like that. I mean, we could say that oxygen is both of those things — we need it to breathe, but the reactions involved with that oxygen slowly destroy the body over time. Too much iron could kill you, but a complete lack of it can kill you too. Hell, that’s true of good ole dihydrogen monoxide.

    What a surprise? Logical errors in an argument like this?

    • N.T. Greene says:



      I can see why this works on people, it even has me confused — and I think about logical fallacies all day long. For fun. When I’m not playing with prime numbers and Ulam spirals.

      • Crut says:

        I had to look up the Ulam spiral and I was not disappointed. That’s cool.

      • thelbert says:

        n. t. i think you have found an idea that should be implanted in the brains of every school child. just thinking about ulam spirals could prevent untold mischief. if oregon had made sure ohio was fully aware of this pattern they might have won.

        • n.t. greene says:

          I think they’re a great example of how something as “dry” as math can reflect a strange beauty not readily perceived. It raises a question: did humans really invent the idea of numbers? Primes? Or are they, in the natural language of quantities of things, the elements in a periodic table?

          I’m actually working on some serious stuff here, though once you see that pattern it is hard to forget.

        • hope says:

          Sorry, N. T. Greene. I’m using a tablet and I forgot to make the thumbs bigger on the screen and missed the one i intended to touch. Not sure if it is my eyes, my fingers, or my mind…but I meant no thumbs down on your comment. I find it fascinating.

    • I think its a fair question to ask “doesn’t belong there” according to whom?

  11. Hope says:

    Scott Frost can pick and choose for himself what he thinks is right or wrong for his body.

    But he can’t choose for everyone else. Just himself and any children in his charge until they are old enough to choose for themselves.

    Beyond that, he’s trespassing.

  12. thelbert says:

    judge: can’t ban advertising mmj even if your feelings are hurt: http://tinyurl.com/mzlx8ej

  13. http://tinyurl.com/kma2b6v

    Over one out of five NCAA athletes use marijuana per the NCAA.

  14. Herb Hess says:

    Ear buds? Mouth guards? A penis?! Dude you are a sub-moron.

  15. Duncan20903 says:


    A few years back my wife broke her ankle because of an adverse event caused by an FDA approved pharmaceutical substance. She was actually standing upright and still when she suffered an FDA approved fainting spell which caused her FDA approved broken ankle.

    It wasn’t one of the two large ankle bones it was the itty bitty one. The surgeon attached a couple of rivets, screws and other similar FDA approved hardware because otherwise the bone would have almost certainly not knit properly. Does miniature hardware belong in the human body?

  16. Duncan20903 says:


    Good golly, Nancy Grace is trying to give Linda Taylor a run for the ugly in public hall of shame. At first glance I mistook her for a hippopotamus! But it only took a moment or two before I remembered that hippopotami are nowhere nearly that ugly.
    From the front lines of the war on (some) drugs: Using a classic pincer movement Guerrilla cannabis plants surround, ambush and mercilessly befuddle the clueless Prohibitionist jack booted thugs in the latest major setback for the enemies of freedom. If they won’t throw in the towel when will the referee call a TKO?
    You go girls!

  17. Kyle Magnusson says:

    Wow great article!

    Pete this site is amazing! I remember you from ISU (I was in Arts Tech), though we never knew each other. I googled “Why is Marijuana Illegal” and your site popped up. You are doing a great thing, let’s end the War on Drugs!

  18. Servetus says:

    The NCAA is reconsidering its testing decision:

    16 January 2015 — Just days after two University of Oregon football players were suspended for the College Football Playoff national championship game for failing marijuana tests, the NCAA announced that it plans to re-examine its approach to testing for recreational drug use.

    Chalk up another anti-prohibition victory for the Internet.

  19. Herbie Herbsen says:

    I suffer from extremely severe migraines after falling from a building as a toddler. The only thing that cures the hours long migraine attacks is marijuana.
    As a sovereign being I will decide what is best to put into my system and potent high THC content marijuana will be number one on the list.

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