U.N. General Assembly will address drug war


Via Drug Policy Alliance

Mexico’s Foreign Ministry is reporting that the United Nations has accepted its resolution to hold a General Assembly special session on drugs. The session will take place in the beginning of 2016 with preparations beginning next year.

The resolution is about international cooperation against drugs, but it’s also clearly about considering new directions and approaches.

And given the international mood that exists right now regarding the drug war, it could percolate into a mass revolt against prohibition (if it hasn’t already by then).

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9 Responses to U.N. General Assembly will address drug war

  1. Peter says:

    Recently saw the movie Lincoln with the attempts by pro-slavery politicians to delay the vote on emancipation until the rebels states were back in the union, so they could vote against it. The UN scheduling this urgent matter for three years down the road smacks of the same thing. Justice delayed is justice denied.

  2. claygooding says:

    I smell more US influence,,they are delaying it as long as possible,except a lot of those countries are not going to wait,,,between waiting on the federal response to the votes and waiting for the drops from the Single Treaty,,the suspense is causing my cartel pot bill to go up.

    • Windy says:

      I say fuck the UN, it has no business telling any sovereign country what they may or may not do, just as the fed gov has no business telling the States what they may or may not do. Time for the American people to demand that these united States of America withdraw from the UN and to push the UN off our continent.

  3. DonDig says:

    Well, let’s see. By 2016, we’ll have at least six or eight more MMJ states here, (a majority), at least two or three more that have legalized for all uses, and about a dozen countries that have dropped parts of the Single Convention Treaty.
    I guess the UN doesn’t feel the need to be leading the curve, but what the heck, I’ll take it however it comes!

  4. kaptinemo says:

    Another pointless rearguard action. And with the present drug prohibition rearguard getting chopped up domestically and internationally, there won’t be much left.

    The Developing World is racing ahead on drug law reform, as has been predicted here and in other fora, and the Developed World is rapidly tiring of Uncle’s intransigence…and hypocrisy. WikiLeaks showed the arrogance and shallowness of US foreign policy vis-a-vis drug prohibition in a way that makes it abundantly clear how much that has been used to meddle in the affairs of friend and foe alike.

    I fully expect the Single Convention Treaty to collapse in the next 3 years if not sooner, if only because of the predicted mass ‘denunciations’ necessary prior to exiting it. Bolivia has shown the way, and the sky has not fallen. First, the rest of the LA nations will exit it, and then expect the Europeans to be in a very close second.

    All that will be left will be Uncle’s most needy recipients of ‘foreign aid’, usually the kind of nations where autocratic rule is the main. And then the people of those nations might get tired of their own affairs being managed by Warshington, and they might do something about that, themselves.

    Been saying for years the scenario might go this way, and if things keep up, they very well might.

    • claygooding says:

      The drug war budget jumped 33% this year and each country that even suggests legalization will have to be addressed and where possible,bought back into the fold.

      And the 33% jump was before the Bogata meeting,,so the 33% increase was not even figuring in the drug funds promised at that conference,much less the expenses of mounting any kind of enforcement effort towards CO and WA.

      If the oversight committee is adding up estimates on these costs,,we may be hearing something quicker than that.

      After any enforcement effort they still have to find a jury that believes a vote by the people means nothing,,and you can make all the legalize speeches “feds trump state laws” at average Americans and they will still hold that a vote of the people trumps federal law,

  5. Duncan20903 says:


    Waiting until 2016 is going to put them way behind the curve. Here’s another one from the “who’da thunk it possible?” category:

    Bridgeport [Connecticut] mayor backs proposed marijuana farm

    I’d never before realized just how much fun playing with dominoes could be.

  6. N.T. Greene says:

    The great thing about dominoes is when you push one over, man, the others sure do fall quickly. 2016 might as well have been phrased “after hell has frozen over and we have no reason to debate the matter that makes us so uncomfortable.”

    So, until then, we’re seeing hell experience some record lows and pigs are growing wings. I swear guys, I am stone sober and I am still seeing this shit happen.

  7. Hope says:

    When I was a child I somehow got the idea that the U. N. was organized to protect people from the atrocities of legal governments throughout the world and wars between governments. Protecting people from things like what started in Germany in the era of Hitler and the Nazi political party.

    Suddenly they, the U. N., are some sort of government themselves. For something set up to help and guard… they sure are slow and ineffective.

    “The beginning of 2016”?

    I think the bureaucracy of the thing needs thinning and trimming, to say the least.

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